Understanding Hair Loss Due to Turbans and Hijabs

Understanding Hair Loss Due to Turbans and Hijabs

There is hardly any person nowadays who is not complaining of hair loss. Several interesting facts and reasons have come out of these studies, one being our lifestyle causing alopecia. Wearing turbans and hijabs tugging on hair is causing hair loss in some people as well.

Why turbans and hijabs cause hair loss?

As you know, people from certain communities keep their heads covered. They wear headgears which are known by different names. Hijabs and turbans are two of the most popular headgears.

Mostly, Sikhs wear a turban which is a long piece of cloth tied around the head tightly. Many young Sikhs have complained of excessive hair loss. This problem has become so common that doctors have given it a name also – turban alopecia.

People who wear turbans may suffer from turban alopecia. This can also occur due to knotting and braiding long hair as it is being pulled for a long duration. People start losing hair from the frontal and temple area of the head in turban alopecia.

Many people wear hijabs to cover their entire heads. They wear it all day. However, wearing it too tightly may lead to hair loss.

The hijabs and turbans place excessive stress on our hair. The hair follicles cannot withstand the tension and they start falling off. The hairline and temples bear the maximum tension and so we start losing hair from these areas first.

How to prevent hair loss?

Firstly, you need to determine the reason for your hair loss. See a doctor and discuss your problem. Once you know that your turban or hijab is causing the receding hairline, you have to seek a proper remedy.

Taking a break from your headgear will be the best possible solution to allow your hair to regrow. If that is not possible, try to wear it in a different style that doesn’t put pressure on your hair. Wear your hijab lose and keep your hair well moisturized. Dry hair rubs against the fabric and falls off easily. So, use oil on your hair to massage the scalp and keep your hair soft and well-nourished.

Take proper medicines. There are medications to treat alopecia and when taken on a prolonged basis, you will find your hair re-growing.

Turban alopecia is a lifestyle problem and you can find a solution by altering the style of wearing your turban and hijab.