Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female pattern hair loss affects approximately 50% of women during their lifetime. Although it can affect women of all ages, it is more common in women over 40 and women who have experienced hormonal changes due to childbirth or menopause. The causes of female pattern hair loss are not fully understood, but in most cases it tends to be permanent. Female pattern hair loss typically begins with a widening gap in the part line on top of the scalp, and may eventually progress to diffuse thinning throughout the whole head.

The Ludwig scale is used by hair loss experts to classify different levels of female pattern hair loss. Stage 1 is the least severe, and stage 3 is the most severe. A patient with stage 1 hair loss typically presents with a conspicuously visible scalp when the hair is parted on top of the head. Stage 2 patients have even more scalp visibility in the central part, and will also notice some thinning in the surrounding areas. Stage 3 represents severe thinning that extends through the entire surface of the head. A different type of hair loss frequently encountered by women is called traction alopecia, in which the hair at the edges is permanently lost due to the hair being worn in tight braids.

Because women typically present with diffuse thinning throughout a large area of the scalp, hair transplants are not the ideal solution for most cases of female pattern hair loss. Hair transplants rely on a limited supply of donor hair grafts, which may not be available in cases where thinning is present throughout the whole head. Additionally, if grafts are transplanted into an area that already has native hair, there is a risk that the surgical implantation process can kill some of the pre-existing hair follicles and leave the patient with less hair than before the transplant! Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the safest and most effective permanent solution for women with hair loss. SMP can effectively restore full hair density in women with instant results, no risk of damaging the follicles, no surgery and no downtime. At Zang SMP, you will receive the highest-quality, most natural looking scalp micropigmentation treatments in the entire world. Our track record is second to none, and we have the most experienced and expertly-skilled practitioners in the entire industry.

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