Discover Zang SMP: Leaders in Scalp Micropigmentation

About zang smp

Discover Zang SMP: Leaders in Scalp Micropigmentation

Zang SMP launched with the goal of providing an experience that is more personalized and unique. Researching for hair loss solution is a sensitive topic. If you’re reading this right now, we know and understand what you’re going through, and we also know the power this treatment has to put you back in control of your image, you’ll feel in control of your life again too.The team at Zang SMP is happy to have you in for a consultation, where we can evaluate your unique situation and give you all the facts and be 100% supportive of whatever next steps you wish to pursue. We can’t promise that SMP is right for you, but we can promise that you will feel better from taking that first step to evaluate your options.

Although the end result of a perfectly shaved head of hair may look simple; it can only be achieved by treatment techniques that are unique to each individual, and that’s the beauty of SMP. No head is the same shape and the body accepts SMP differently for each individual, so the specialists here at Zang SMP devoted their career to take all of these factors into account, and use custom tailored treatment methods, from the shape of the hairline to the blending of the pigments, all to ensure that everyone else thinks you have a cropped and shaved full head of hair. We strive to be Savile Row of bespoke tailored suits where the hairline and treatment is perfectly fitted to you and you alone.


About Zang

Zang is one of the first global practitioners and a pioneer of the modern day Scalp Micropigmentation technique. Zang was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to train and go onto be one of the most requested global practitioners of SMP.

While Zang was a senior practitioner at HIS HAIR for the first 6 years, he helped to advance the technique and develop many successful case studies throughout the globe! which in turn led to the boom and interest in this new cutting edge procedure and popularity. It is no secret Zang has treated many V.I.P which include professional footballers, NBA players, NFL players and many celebrities on Television and on film. Due to excess and demand Zang was a key player in launching this procure into the united States.


About Walter

Walter is Zang SMP’s Senior Lead Practitioner and one of the best techs on the planet. Walter first believed in the service in 2013 and was personally recruited and trained by Zang due to his attention to detail and attentiveness.

Walter was previously with Zang at HIS Hair Clinic as the lead practitioner for 3 different cities; Seattle, San Francisco and Houston. Starting at around 2013 when he finished his procedure, Walter was under direct mentorship with Zang at Los Angeles. At early stage of his career he was also qualified to do repair treatments to fix/finish poorly executed Scalp Micropigmentation treatments from other practitioners. Given his growth and under tutelage with Zang, we are fortunate to have him here at Zang SMP as our senior practitioner. He is the only person who Zang trusts to get his touch up treatments with.


About Marian

Marian is Zang SMP’s associate practitioner. She personally received training with Zang back in 2016 and started off her own clinic after training with Zang.

After a couple years of doing treatments Zang recognized her Scalp Micropigmentation skills and asked Marian to be an apprentice for Zang in 2017. Marian has grown from an apprentice to an associate practitioner in 2018 and has been successfully treating thousands of clients at our facility. Marian has grown to be a full fledge practitioner able to perform many difficulty cases with full client satisfaction. Her passion and attention to detail have driven her up the ranks as a top practitioner in the industry. 

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