Hair thinning (diffuse alopecia) is a condition in which follicular density becomes conspicuously sparse throughout the scalp, without any areas of total baldness. There are a wide variety of different causes of hair thinning in both men and women. The main culprit in men is diffuse male pattern baldness, which presents as thinning from the frontal zone to the crown without a receded hairline. In women, almost all cases of female pattern hair loss involve thinning in the part line or the top of the scalp without any areas of total baldness. Another uncommon condition that can affect both men and women is called diffuse unpatterned alopecia, in which density is lost uniformly throughout the entire scalp including the sides and the back.

It is also highly common for patients who have undergone a hair transplant to end up with a disappointing lack of density after the procedure is done. This is because of the limited amount of donor hair grafts each patient has available; the average person can only have 4000-6000 grafts harvested from their donor region. For context, it could take as many as 20,000 grafts to restore full density in a person with significant baldness. There are a few transplant doctors who can extract grafts from other parts of the body such as the beard and chest area in order to increase the number of transplantable grafts. However, this is a very costly process, and we have seen patients who have received 10,000-15,000 grafts and yet are still lacking sufficient hair density.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the best solution for thin hair. SMP can effectively restore full hair density with instant results, no risk of damaging the follicles, no surgery and no downtime. For transplant patients who have already maxed out or overharvested their donor area, we are able to conceal all thinning areas including the donor region. At Zang SMP, you will receive the highest-quality, most natural looking scalp micropigmentation treatments in the entire world. Our track record is second to none, and we have the most experienced and expertly-skilled practitioners in the entire industry.

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