Scalp Micropigmentation
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A kind of tattooing known as Scalp Micropigmentation (abbreviated as "SMP") is administered to the scalp in order to provide the impression of hair follicles, which can assist men as well as women who might have experienced any sort of hair loss regain their confidence and self-esteem. SMP practitioners at Zang SMP are among the most highly skilled and experienced within the Scalp Micropigmentation business today. Our service record is unrivaled in the industry, thus, consider talking to us and discover why Zang SMP is the premier destination for men and women seeking the best quality SMP procedures in Carlsbad. Get in touch with us right now.

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With his multitude of expertise and knowledge, compassion and empathy, and as one of the first worldwide professionals educated by the SMP treatment's inventors, Zang is among the most sought-after professionals for both clients and clinics owing to his compassion and understanding.

Using his technical abilities, he has been able to accomplish difficult treatments while simultaneously training and mentoring a fresh era of SMP professionals who are establishing names for themselves all over the world. The work done by Zang and his team has resulted in over 10,000 satisfied customers and more than 200 SMP practitioners, so it is very appropriate to say that he is unquestionably the expert among specialists!

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What is Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP?

Scalp Using a non-surgical technique, natural plant-based pigmentation deposits are implanted into the dermal layer of the scalp, creating a more natural appearance. The pigment deposits act as replicas of hair follicles, giving the illusion of a head full of hair to the wearer. The 5 o'clock shadow appearance is available if you are entirely bald; if your hair is thinning or you are dissatisfied with your hair restoration results and want additional density, SMP is the procedure for you.

How many SMP treatments am I going to need?

Scalp Micropigmentation is usually performed at two sessions at the most, with each session taking place one week apart. Because we are engaging with your skin which is the biggest organ on your body to ensure that our process is successful, we expect some pigment to be rejected by your skin immediately following your initial treatment. We anticipate seeing substantial benefits after the first procedure, but following the second session, we expect to have more upon the conclusion of the treatment. There is a potential of a third session in about 1-3 months following the second treatment, during which we will put the final touches on the results.

How long will each treatment take?

Every session lasts from 2-4 hours, according to the amount of work involved. The first procedure is usually the most time-consuming since we are building the hairline as well as putting in the fundamental layer of the hair. Every successive treatment is generally shorter in duration, however, this might vary depending on how well prior treatments were retained.

Who makes the decision regarding hairline construction?

There seem to be a variety of criteria that influence which hairline is most appropriate for you. We customize your hairline to complement your unique characteristics in order to get the most organic and suitable outcome possible. Our calculations also take into consideration your own tastes, because there is a wide variety of choices for what might appear natural on any one person.

I've already had 3 treatments, now what?

After you've completed the first aftercare directions, you may sit back and observe the benefits of the SMP therapy. We do provide a one-year warranty with our treatment programs, so if there is any fading of the pigments, you can rest assured that we will fix it up at no additional cost to you during that time and then we'll meet up again in a couple of years!

How long does β€œa few years” will actually take after my SMP treatment?

Ordinarily, we anticipate our customers to require touch-ups during the first 5-8 years of service. Even though this is a lifelong surgery that will last indefinitely, there still is the regular wear and tear on the skin's surface that induces it to lighten up throughout time as a by reason of normal wear and tear.

What are the aftercare instructions?

If you want to avoid extreme fading and any other types of contamination, it is critical that you observe our 4-day post-treatment directions. For the first four days, there is to be no touching, bathing, or cutting, and there is to be no exercising. You are permitted to wear a hat promptly following each treatment. If you plan on falling asleep on it, don't be concerned about the pigment smudging or smearing on your pillows. For complete aftercare instructions, please see the PDF attachment.

After the treatment, will I need time off from work?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive as well as non-surgical procedure that is performed on the scalp. There is no delay connected with it; all that is required is that you adhere to the aftercare instructions for four days. A large number of our clients walk in for treatments and then return home the same day, going back to work the following morning.

Will the results after the treatment be noticeable by people?

Since the pigments are newly applied, the pigments will seem stronger immediately after the initial treatment. Up overnight, you can observe a slight softening as well as settling of the colors on your skin. When it comes to the redness, this should fade within 48-72 hours. The degree of redness is determined by the client's sensitivity to the skin, although more or less all clients will notice a substantial reduction in redness 48 hours following their first treatment. Once the first settling phase is complete, your treatment will appear entirely natural.

Does it hurt?

The majority of clients who had SMP have said that the level of pain is not as terrible as that of a conventional tattoo. Your pain threshold will vary from client to client, however, your health and safety are our top priorities. Our professionals will make certain that the procedure runs as smoothly as possible.

Is keeping a shaved look required?

We will evaluate your baldness during the appointment or through a web-based evaluation. Once we have a better grasp of the type of hair loss you are experiencing, we can develop a treatment plan that includes the style as well as the look we propose that would be most effective with our SMP technique.

The quantity of covering we have generated on the top of your head with SMP necessitates that clients with Norwood 6-7 hair loss have their hair shaved to preserve their appearance. It will remain more noticeable as your hair on the back and sides continues to grow since there is a clear difference in color between your hair against the SMP as time goes on. As a final result, we are recreating hair follicles utilizing pigmentation, that will never develop or produce a 3D texture, and this operation is considered permanent cosmetic surgery.

Filler treatments are defined as those that increase the density of an existing hairline and/or the density of the crown. For clients who still possess residual hair around the treatment region, which allows us to integrate the SMP in with the surrounding hair, are excellent candidates for filler procedures.

Is scar concealment part of your services?

Yes! We are not only limited to the treatment of male pattern baldness because this is not the only application when it comes to scalp micropigmentation. It may also be used to cover up scars from prior operations or injuries, among other things, and also, SMP can be used to hide scars from both FUE as well as FUT transplantation.

Before the SMP procedure, will I be required to cut my hair?

If we are performing a filler treatment or scar concealing, we generally ask our customers to arrive with their hair at the shortest length they desire to retain, except as otherwise specified. For those who suffer from category 6 or 7 hair loss, it is necessary to shave their heads before coming in for the procedure and to keep them that way during the treatment process.

What do I do for optimal maintenance?

For the duration of your therapy, we will help in providing product recommendations to you. Take a look at the link to our product recommendations page for further information.

If I continue shaving my head, will it result in adverse effects?

You may still shave and wash your hair on a daily basis; the procedure will not going to be affected because it is located in the epidermal layer of your skin. In fact, the large bulk of our clients who have undergone this surgery shave on a daily basis!

Are there ways of protecting my SMP from the sun?

If the pigments are exposed to too much direct sunlight, they might become weak, and over time, you will be causing damage to both the procedure as well as your scalp. Always make sure to apply sunscreen or a hat anytime you're going out and anticipate being in direct sunshine for more than an hour, regardless of the season.

How much does it cost?

The price of SMP is determined on an individual basis, based on the extent of hair loss as well as the quantity of treatment required. The first two procedures are scheduled one week apart, with a third treatment scheduled 1-3 months following the second. Scar concealing treatments cost between $800 and $1,000 each treatment. It costs between $2400 and $3400 for category 2-4 hair loss. Category 5-7 hair loss costs between $3400 and $4200. The top of the scalp including scar concealing costs between $4200 and $5200 for a series of three procedures.

When are the payments due?

To reserve your treatment sessions with us, a $400 reservation deposit is required. Appointments are typically scheduled eight weeks in advance. The funds are then divided 50/50 across the first two procedures and the good news is that we also provide financing.

How to start my SMP treatment?

If you want to book a free consultation, you can call us at 310-425-4975 or Because we serve customers from all over the world, rather than coming in, you may give us a picture of your scalp (top-down, birds-eye view) including the scar and we can organize a telephone consultation or Facetime/Skype online video session.

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