Scalp Micropigmentation Seattle (SMP)

Men and women who are dealing with the challenges of hair loss now have an effective solution in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), a form of tattooing that inserts pigment into the surface of the scalp to give the appearance of hair follicles.

Our team of SMP practitioners at ZangSMP have been helping clients just like you gain their self-confidence back through this innovative method for treating hair loss. We have helped clients of all ages address their hair loss issues and our track record of satisfied customers speaks for itself.

Book an appointment today and find out why ZangSMP is the industry leader in providing scalp micropigmentation treatments to people who have suffered long enough with hair loss. Our staff is second to none for providing natural-looking SMP treatments to clients throughout the greater Seattle area.

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SMP can fix

Male Pattern Baldness

SMP can fix

Thinning Hair

SMP can fix

Scar Camouflage

SMP can fix

Women's Hair Loss


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Don't waste time or money on pharmaceutical solutions for hair growth that underperform or don't work at all. Leave the hair pieces, wigs, and hats in your closet. Zang SMP is here to help solve your hair loss problems.

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What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive solution for treating hair loss challenges in men and women. The procedure is similar to tattooing as plant-based pigments are implanted into the skin's dermis of the scalp to replicate the appearance of hair follicles where your existing hair is thinning or missing altogether. SMP treatments make it look as if you have a full head of hair or give the appearance of a five o'clock shadow for clients who are completely bald.

SMP is the ideal solution for clients who have been disappointed with the results of hair transplants or wish to provide more density and volume under existing hair to make it appear thicker and more lush than it really is due to hair loss.

How many SMP treatments are required?

Most clients will require a minimum of two treatments, administered over two sessions a week apart from one another. The reason for receiving two treatments within a week is due to the fact that your skin will typically reject some portion of the pigments that have been implanted. The second treatment is necessary for restoring what has been lost after the first treatment. Although there will be a noticeable difference in the appearance of your scalp, it's not until the second treatment has been applied when you will see the desired results.

It is possible that a third treatment will need to be administered in order to achieve the anticipated effect. This treatment is usually applied anywhere between one and three months after the second treatment has been administered.

How long is each session?

A scalp micropigmentation treatment session can take anywhere from two to four hours based on the amount of work needed to achieve the client's desired results. The first treatment is usually the longer session of the two as the hairline is constructed and the foundational layer of pigments are embedded into the surface layer of the scalp.

Subsequent treatments are often shorter but there is no way to tell how long your second or third (if necessary) sessions will take until the practitioner knows how much pigment was rejected after the initial treatment.

Who decides on the construction of the hairline?

You make that decision. The practitioner will go over the various factors and recommendations that help to determine the hairline that fits your appearance and facial features to ensure a totally natural looking end result, but the final word on the construction of your hairline is yours alone. There are usually multiple options to consider and your personal taste and preferences are contributing factors in the decision.

Three SMP treatments have been applied. Now what?

Clients who have faithfully followed the important aftercare instructions that are handed out with each SMP treatment have nothing more to do. Simply enjoy your new self-confidence as you look at the natural-looking results in the mirror. But should you experience any problems or concerns about your SMP treatments, our work is backed by a one year guarantee. If the pigments have begun to fade or lighten prematurely, we will perform a touch-up session to restore what has been lost, free of charge. Otherwise, you shouldn't require any touch-ups for at least a few years.

When should I expect to come in for a touch-up treatment?

Most of our clients won't require a touch-up treatment for at least five years. Some clients have come in even later than that at a decade after their last treatment. SMP is a permanent application to the scalp but normal wear and tear of the dermis layer can cause fading of the pigment over time.

How should I proceed with aftercare maintenance?

The aftercare instructions you received after treatment are not recommendations. These are strict guidelines that must be followed to ensure that your SMP treatments are 100% successful and you see the results you expect. Failure to follow the aftercare instructions faithfully over the prescribed four day post-treatment period can damage the pigments and contaminate or infect the dermis of the scalp.

The instructions are easy to follow. You should not touch your scalp or wash your hair. Do not cut your hair during this time and refrain from working out. You may wear a hat after the treatment has been administered and sleep as you normally would during this time. The pigments will not be smeared or smudged during the night.

Please see the attached PDF to review the aftercare instructions.

Download: Mid-Treatment Advice

Do I need to take time off from work?

No. SMP is a non-invasive method for solving hair loss. So there are no surgical procedures or recovery time necessary. Just follow the aftercare instructions provided to you by your practitioner when you get home and make sure your next appointment is on the books. You can go to work the very next day.

Will it be obvious that I have had SMP treatments?

After the first treatment is complete, the pigments will be darker than usual as they need time to settle. The skin may also have some irritation and redness. This is all normal and will dissipate with time. The pigments will settle in and the redness will subside sooner than later. Rest assured that after roughly three to four days your results will be natural-looking and no one will know you've had SMP treatments unless you tell them.

Do scalp micropigmentation treatments hurt?

That depends on the individual. Some clients have a higher threshold for pain than others. But if you have had a tattoo in the past, it may not feel any different. Only you can decide if the treatments are painful but rest assured we maintain the highest standards for health ad safety and we will make every effort to ensure that you are comfortable at all times. If you are experiencing higher than expected levels of discomfort, please alert the practitioner and feel free to discuss any options for reducing pain or discomfort during the procedure with your practitioner before the session begins.

Will I need to cut my hair to prepare for SMP treatments?

If you are receiving SMP filler treatments or scar concealment, you will need to cut your hair to the shortest length with which you are comfortable, unless you are asked to do otherwise. Clients with a Norwood 6 or 7 hair loss classification will need to shave their head before they arrive for their treatment session.

Does Zang SMP also offer scar concealment?

Yes. SMP treatments are an ideal method for concealing scars due to surgery or injury, including concealment of scars due to FUE and FUT transplants. We can evaluate the condition of the scar and discuss your options for concealment with scalp micropigmentation.

What steps do I need to take to maintain my SMP treatments?

Your practitioner will suggest various products that are effective for preserving the condition of your scalp micropigmentation treatments and recommend the best maintenance plan for your specific case. Take a look at our Product Recommendation Page for further information.

Will I damage the SMP treatments if I shave my head?

Shaving your head will not damage the treatments. You can shave your head daily, wash your scalp, wear hats, whatever you wish. The procedure is a permanent implant of pigment into the scalp. Just be sure to follow the aftercare instructions in the days following your treatments to ensure the best results.

Should I protect my SMP from direct sunlight?

Yes, direct exposure to the sun can weaken the pigment causing them to fade and eventually damage the appearance of your scalp micropigmentation treatments. Not to mention the damage that prolonged direct exposure to sunlight can have on your skin. Protection is easy by applying a high SPF sunscreen or wearing a hat before you go out in the sun.

How much do SMP treatments cost?

Every client is different so the costs can vary from one case to the next. The costs are determined by the amount of coverage needed and the number of treatments necessary for achieving the desired results of the client. On average, the cost of treatment is the following:

Scar concealment: $800-$1000 per treatment. Norwood Class 2-4 hair loss: $2400-$3400, Class 5-7 hair loss: $3400-$4200, and crown of the scalp treatment with scar concealment: $4200-$5200 for two to three treatments.

Do I need to leave a deposit for treatments?

Yes, we ask that every client leaves a $400 deposit to secure a booking for treatment. There is a wait time of approximately eight weeks for the next available appointment. Payment for services rendered are split over both sessions, half on the first session, the rest after the second session. Ask us about our financing options for qualifying clients.

How do I get started?

Give us a call at 310-425-4975 or email us at for a free consultation. We offer SMP treatments to clients all over the world. If you are unable to come to our office for that initial consultation, you can send photographs of your scalp where the hair is thinning or missing or if you are looking for scar concealment, send us clear photos of the scar you wish to have concealed. We can schedule a consultation via Facetime or Skype to discuss your options.

Be sure you take the photographs from the top down, bird's eye view of your scalp, so we have the best possible view of the areas you would like to discuss.