Scalp Micropigmentation Newport Beach (SMP)

Scalp micropigmentation, abbreviated as SMP, represents a revolutionary technique akin to tattooing, meticulously applied to the scalp to simulate the presence of natural hair follicles. Renowned for its efficacy, SMP has garnered widespread acclaim, particularly in addressing issues like male pattern baldness and concealing scars resulting from injury or surgical procedures. Amidst the plethora of solutions available for combating hair loss, scalp micropigmentation stands out for its proven success where conventional methods falter. The proficient team at ZangSMP, located in Newport Beach, boasts extensive experience in this field. We take pride in our consistent delivery of positive outcomes, ensuring clients regain confidence in their appearance. Contact ZangSMP today to discover how we can tailor our services to meet your specific hair restoration needs.

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Zang, endowed with expertise passed down by the pioneers of scalp micropigmentation, emerges as a distinguished practitioner in high demand among both clients and clinics. His proficiency in SMP procedures and techniques, inherited from the innovators of this revolutionary treatment for hair loss, sets him apart as one of the industry's foremost authorities. Zang's reputation as a skilled specialist is underscored by his unwavering commitment to administering treatments with compassion, empathy, and respect. With a wealth of experience, he has catered to individuals like you, guiding them through their SMP journey with care and understanding.

ZangSMP's team has conducted more than ten-thousand treatments for clients worldwide and has demonstrated the art of developing and refining SMP skills, enabling others to apply them in their own hair loss treatment centers.

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What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp micropigmentation stands as a non-invasive procedure devoid of surgery, downtime, or recovery time. It involves depositing organic, plant-based pigment directly into the scalp's dermal layer to replicate the appearance of a full head of hair naturally.

SMP treatments offer assistance to individuals experiencing baldness, receding hairlines, and thinning hair at the crown and sides. Whether enhancing existing hair density or recreating the look of a closely shaved head for a five-o'clock shadow effect, scalp micropigmentation provides an effective alternative to hair transplants and topical solutions, often falling short on their promises.

When other options fall short, SMP will deliver the results you seek.

How many treatments do I need?

The majority of our clients in Newport Beach typically find that two sessions are ample to attain their desired outcomes. Occasionally, however, a third and final session might be necessary if the initial two fail to meet expectations. These initial sessions are scheduled a week apart, as the skin commonly expels a portion of the pigment implanted during the first session. The second session aims to reintroduce some of the expelled pigment and mimic the natural appearance of hair follicles.

However, for certain clients experiencing significant rejection following the initial treatments, two sessions may still prove inadequate. In such cases, the third treatment is essential to replenish lost pigments and achieve the desired results you eagerly anticipate seeing in the mirror.

How long is each treatment?

The duration of each treatment will primarily hinge on the client's needs and their specific hair loss concerns. Considering this, the average duration of a standard scalp micropigmentation session ranges from two to four hours. Typically, the initial session extends longer than the subsequent ones as it involves constructing the hairline and establishing the foundational layer.

Who decides on the construction of the hairline?

Ultimately, the decision rests with you. Your practitioner will offer guidance on the options most suitable for your features. The aim is to create a natural-looking hairline, ensuring optimal results. Since SMP is a permanent solution to hair loss, it's important to be satisfied with the outcome right from the beginning.

I've already had 3 treatments, now what?

Clients in Newport Beach who have undergone three scalp micropigmentation treatments will not require further sessions until it's time for touch-ups. However, for scalp micropigmentation to achieve its maximum potential, every client must adhere to the after-care instructions provided post-treatment. These instructions are meticulously designed to maintain the pigment integrity after its implantation into the dermal layer of the scalp.

All ZangSMP work comes with a comprehensive one-year guarantee. Should the pigment start to fade or lighten after the treatments, we are more than happy to provide touch-up work to restore the lost pigment at no additional cost.

When will a touch-up be necessary?

The skin undergoes considerable wear and tear, impacting the pigment's appearance. Despite its permanence, the pigment is formulated for lasting results. Over time, however, it may degrade and fade. Typically, clients revisit the office after five to eight years following their initial SMP treatments.

What are the aftercare instructions?

Following your scalp micropigmentation procedure, your practitioner will provide you with a set of post-care guidelines to optimize the results. These instructions are straightforward: refrain from touching or washing your scalp, avoid haircuts, and abstain from vigorous exercise for four days. These measures are essential to preserve the pigment and prevent contamination.

Feel free to sleep as you usually would, as the pigment won't smudge or stain your pillow or bedding. Additionally, you're welcome to wear a hat if desired.

Will I miss any work during treatment?

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive procedure, so you won't need to take time off work after receiving SMP treatments. In fact, many of our clients are back to work the very next day.

Will people be able to tell I have had the treatment done?

Although your scalp may appear slightly red and irritated, and the pigments darker and bolder than usual immediately after the treatment, these symptoms typically subside within two to three days. Once the pigments have settled and your skin has relaxed from the implantation process, your scalp will have a completely natural appearance, whether you're undergoing SMP treatments for added density to existing hair or to mimic the look of vanished hair follicles.

Is SMP Painful?

Each individual's tolerance for pain varies greatly. What might register as mildly uncomfortable for one person could be completely manageable for another. In the context of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), it's essential to highlight that this procedure is designed to be minimally invasive. Our skilled practitioners are dedicated to mitigating any potential discomfort that may arise during the process. Our foremost priority is to facilitate a positive and successful experience for each client. Rest assured, we employ every available precautionary measure to guarantee your comfort throughout the SMP journey.

Do I need to keep the shaved look?

During the preliminary consultation, one pivotal aspect involves the meticulous assessment of your hair loss level by our proficient SMP practitioner. This phase also entails a comprehensive discussion about your specific goals in addressing this concern. Following the thorough examination, a tailored treatment plan is meticulously crafted to cater to the extent of your hair loss, as determined by the renowned Norwood scale.

For individuals rated at a six or seven on the Norwood scale, maintaining a shaved appearance is advisable due to challenges in blending the hair texture with pigment. This approach effectively mitigates issues arising from incongruent texture and pigment, ensuring a seamless aesthetic outcome.

Do you perform scar concealment?

Concealing scars through scalp micropigmentation is an excellent solution. Our services cater to clients seeking to hide scars from injuries and surgical procedures, such as scars from FUE and FUT hair transplants.

Do I need to cut my hair before the SMP treatment?

To guarantee the efficacy of the micropigmentation process for clients seeking filler treatments or scar concealment, it's essential for them to trim their hair to its shortest length. Those experiencing hair loss at a Norwood six or seven level will be required to shave their heads before and after undergoing SMP treatments.

What do I do for optimal maintenance?

We're here to offer recommendations for products that will help you maintain your treatment regimen. Feel free to explore our suggested products on our dedicated page.

Will it affect the treatment if I continue to shave my head?

Micropigmentation is a permanent process, and shaving your head won't harm it in any manner. Numerous clients opt to shave their heads post-treatment without any impact on the pigment. Simply adhere to the after-care instructions provided by the practitioner for optimal preservation of the treatment results.

How do I best protect my SMP from sunlight?

To safeguard your scalp micropigmentation from sunlight, it's crucial to minimize prolonged exposure. If you anticipate spending more than an hour outdoors, it's highly advisable to apply a high SPF sunscreen to your scalp skin. Alternatively, consider wearing a hat that provides full coverage to shield your scalp.

How much does SMP cost?

The cost of treating hair loss from Norwood class two to class four typically ranges from $2400 to $3400. For Norwood class five to class seven, the cost is between $3400 and $4200. Scar concealment on the scalp's top may vary from $4200 to $5200 for two to three treatments. Clients opting solely for scar concealment treatment can anticipate paying approximately $800 to $1000 per session.

When are the payments due?

To secure a booking with one of our practitioners at ZangSMP, we require every client to place a $400 deposit. Acting promptly is advisable, considering our current waiting list, which can extend up to eight weeks for an appointment. Following treatment, clients will split the cost over two sessions. Additionally, we provide financing options for scalp micropigmentation; please feel free to inquire about these payment alternatives.

How do I get started?

Contact us at 310-425-4975 or email us at to arrange your initial consultation. ZangSMP has experience serving clients worldwide, and we're ready to assist you regardless of your location. Just provide us with a clear photograph of your scalp or the scar you want to conceal, captured from a top-down angle, and we'll conduct an assessment.

Once we receive your inquiry, we'll promptly reach out to you to arrange a discussion regarding your concerns, objectives, and any queries you may have regarding the scalp micropigmentation procedures and techniques we utilize at ZangSMP.

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