Scalp Micropigmentation Encinitas (SMP)

Scalp micropigmentation, commonly referred to as SMP, introduces a groundbreaking solution to combat hair loss concerns. This innovative procedure involves intricately applying tattooing techniques to the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of hair follicles. Widely recognized for its effectiveness, SMP has emerged as a preferred choice for individuals grappling with male pattern baldness or seeking to conceal scars resulting from injury or surgical interventions. In a landscape crowded with options, scalp micropigmentation distinguishes itself by delivering tangible results where conventional remedies often fall short. At ZangSMP, located in Encinitas, our proficient team specializes in this transformative technique. With a proven track record of success, we are committed to restoring our clients' confidence in their appearance. Reach out to ZangSMP today and take the first step towards reclaiming your hair.

This is Zang

With training from the pioneers of scalp micropigmentation, Zang has honed his craft to become one of the most sought-after practitioners in the industry. His expertise in SMP procedures and techniques, passed down by the innovators of this groundbreaking treatment, sets him apart as a trusted authority in the field. Zang's compassionate approach and unwavering dedication to his clients have earned him a stellar reputation among both individuals and clinics. Administering treatments with empathy and respect, he guides clients through their SMP journey with care and understanding, ensuring optimal results and satisfaction.

Across the globe, ZangSMP has administered over ten-thousand treatments, while also educating others on honing SMP skills for effective deployment in their own hair loss treatment clinics.

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What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive procedure that eliminates the need for surgery, downtime, or recovery time. By infusing organic, plant-based pigment directly into the scalp's dermal layer, it achieves the illusion of a naturally full head of hair.

SMP treatments cater to those grappling with baldness, receding hairlines, and thinning at the crown and sides. Whether aiming to boost existing hair density or achieve the appearance of a closely shaved head with a five-o'clock shadow effect, scalp micropigmentation offers a reliable alternative to hair transplants and disappointing topical solutions.

If previous options have let you down, count on SMP to fulfill your needs.

How many treatments do I need?

Most of our clients in Encinitas find that two treatments are adequate to achieve their desired results. However, there are instances where a third and final treatment might be needed if the initial two treatments do not yield the expected results. The first two treatments are spaced a week apart to allow for any pigment rejection by the skin during the initial session. The second treatment is aimed at replenishing the rejected pigment and mimicking the natural appearance of hair follicles.

Nonetheless, for some clients encountering significant rejection following the initial treatments, two sessions may fall short. In such circumstances, the third treatment becomes indispensable to restore lost pigments and achieve the desired results reflected in the mirror.

How long is each treatment?

The duration of each treatment will largely vary based on the client's needs and their unique hair loss issues. With this consideration, a typical scalp micropigmentation session can range from two to four hours. Generally, the first session lasts longer than the subsequent ones, as it involves the construction of the hairline and the establishment of the foundational layer.

Who decides on the construction of the hairline?

Ultimately, it's your decision to make. Your practitioner will guide you on the options that complement your features. The goal is to create a natural-looking hairline for the best possible outcome. Since SMP is a permanent solution to hair loss, it's vital to be happy with the results right from the start.

I've already had 3 treatments, now what?

After receiving three scalp micropigmentation treatments, clients won't require additional sessions until it's time for touch-ups. However, for scalp micropigmentation to achieve its full potential, it's imperative for every client to follow the set of after-care instructions provided post-treatment. These instructions are intricately designed to preserve the pigment integrity after its implantation into the dermal layer of the scalp.

Your satisfaction is our priority at ZangSMP, which is why all our work is guaranteed for a full year. If you experience any fading or lightening of the pigment after the treatments, we will provide touch-up work to restore the lost pigment at absolutely no cost to you.

When will a touch-up be necessary?

Skin experiences substantial wear and tear, impacting pigment appearance. While intended to be permanent, the pigment may degrade over time, resulting in fading. Clients typically return to the office for SMP treatments every five to eight years after their initial session.

What are the aftercare instructions?

In the aftermath of your scalp micropigmentation procedure, your practitioner will furnish you with a list of post-treatment guidelines for optimal results. These instructions are uncomplicated: avoid touching or washing your scalp, refrain from cutting your hair, and steer clear of strenuous activities for a period of four days. These measures are essential to ensure pigment retention and prevent contamination.

Rest assured that you can sleep as you typically do without any concern, as the pigment won't smudge or soil your pillow or bedding. Moreover, feel free to wear a hat if you choose to do so.

Will I miss any work during treatment?

Scalp micropigmentation being a non-invasive procedure means you won't have to take time off work after receiving SMP treatments. Typically, many of our clients are back to work the very next day.

Will people be able to tell I have had the treatment done?

Despite the possibility of slight redness and irritation on the scalp, and the initial darker and bolder appearance of the pigments, these symptoms typically resolve within two to three days. Once the pigments have settled and your skin has adjusted from the implantation, your scalp will appear entirely natural, whether you're undergoing SMP treatments to enhance existing hair density or to mimic the presence of hair follicles that have disappeared over time.

Is SMP Painful?

Pain thresholds are a deeply personal aspect of human experience, varying significantly from one individual to another. What may cause discomfort for some may barely register for others. In the context of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), it's imperative to underscore the procedure's non-invasive nature. Our highly skilled practitioners prioritize your comfort above all else, endeavoring to minimize any potential discomfort throughout the SMP process. We are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with SMP is not only successful but also as comfortable and pleasant as possible. With meticulous attention to detail, we implement a comprehensive range of precautions to safeguard your comfort and well-being throughout the entirety of your SMP journey.

Do I need to keep the shaved look?

As part of the initial consultation, our SMP practitioner undertakes a meticulous assessment to determine the level of your hair loss. This process is coupled with a comprehensive dialogue to understand your specific objectives and concerns. Subsequently, based on the evaluation using the Norwood scale, a bespoke treatment plan is devised to address your unique hair loss situation.

Individuals categorized at a six or seven on the Norwood scale are encouraged to adopt a shaved appearance to counteract issues associated with incongruent hair texture and pigment. Embracing this approach aids in achieving a more seamless fusion of pigment, thereby optimizing the visual outcome of the SMP procedure.

Do you perform scar concealment?

If you want to hide scars seamlessly, turn to scalp micropigmentation. Our services in Encinitas focus on assisting clients who wish to conceal scars from injuries and surgeries, such as scars from FUE and FUT hair transplants

Do I need to cut my hair before the SMP treatment?

To ensure the effectiveness of micropigmentation for filler treatments or scar concealment, clients are advised to trim their hair to the shortest length possible. Individuals experiencing advanced hair loss at a Norwood six or seven level will be required to shave their heads and maintain this practice post-SMP treatments.

What do I do for optimal maintenance?

To support your treatment journey, we've compiled a list of recommended products. Check out our product recommendation page for more details.

Will it affect the treatment if I continue to shave my head?

If you’re considering shaving your head after micropigmentation, go ahead! The process is permanent, and shaving won't cause any damage to it. Numerous clients have shaved their heads post-treatment without affecting the pigment. Just ensure to follow the after-care instructions provided by the practitioner for maintaining the treatment results.

How do I best protect my SMP from sunlight?

Shielding your scalp micropigmentation from sunlight is vital, and the optimal method is to minimize prolonged exposure. Prior to any extended outdoor activities, it's highly advisable to apply a high SPF sunscreen to your scalp. Alternatively, wearing a hat that fully covers your scalp can offer additional protection.

How much does SMP cost?

The cost of treating hair loss progressing from Norwood class two to class four typically varies between $2400 and $3400. As the severity increases to Norwood class five to class seven, the expenses elevate to $3400-$4200. Scar concealment on the top of the scalp may require a budget of $4200 to $5200 for two to three treatments. Clients solely seeking scar concealment procedures can budget around $800 to $1000 per session.

When are the payments due?

At ZangSMP, we request that each client places a $400 deposit to confirm their booking with one of our practitioners. It's essential to act swiftly, given our current waiting list, which can result in an eight-week wait for an appointment. Following treatment, clients will split the cost over two sessions. Additionally, we offer financing options for scalp micropigmentation; please don't hesitate to inquire about these payment alternatives.

How do I get started?

Reach out to us at 310-425-4975 or via email at to schedule your initial consultation. ZangSMP has served clients worldwide and can accommodate you regardless of your current location. Just send us a clear, top-down photograph of your scalp or the scar you wish to conceal, and we'll analyze it promptly.

Upon receiving your message, we'll reach out to you to arrange a discussion to explore your concerns, objectives, and any inquiries you may have about the scalp micropigmentation techniques and procedures practiced at ZangSMP.

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