Scalp Micropigmentation Denver (SMP)

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a hair loss solution that utilizes a modified version of tattooing applied directly to the surface of the scalp to mimic the appearance of hair follicles. This method has helped restore confidence in men and women alike who are struggling with various forms of hair loss.

The team of highly-skilled expert practitioners at ZangSMP have led the scalp micropigmentation revolution, satisfying customers worldwide. Our track record is the best in the business. Give us a call today and find out why ZangSMP is the first choice for scalp micropigmentation treatments in Denver.

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What SMP Can Fix

SMP can fix

Male Pattern Baldness

SMP can fix

Thinning Hair

SMP can fix

Scar Camouflage

SMP can fix

Women's Hair Loss


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Skip those ineffective powders, pastes, creams, and don't bother with hats and hairpieces. You don't need them anymore. Scalp micropigmentation is the effective alternative.

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How does scalp micropigmentation work?

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive procedure that implants organic, plant-based pigments directly into the dermal layer of your scalp to recreate the appearance of tightly-shorn hair follicles and make it look as if you have a full head of hair.

The procedure can add density and volume for clients with thinning hair and create a 5 o'clock shadow aesthetic for clients who are completely bald.

If you have tried other hair loss solutions that overpromised and underperformed, scalp micropigmentation can deliver where the others failed.

How many treatments are required for best results?

Most clients will need a minimum of two treatments administered within seven to ten days of each other. This is because the skin will typically reject some portion of the pigments after your initial treatment is applied.

While you will see some significant difference in your appearance after the first treatment, you can expect to see the results you want once the second treatment has been applied.

Some clients may need a third treatment for best results. This is often applied about one to three months after the second treatment has been administered as finishing touches are applied to replace any pigments that have been lost.

How long is a typical treatment session?

A typical treatment session can last anywhere from two to four hours in length, depending on how much work is needed to achieve the desired results. The initial treatment is often longer than the subsequent treatments because the first session is when the hairline is constructed and the foundational layer applied.

Second and third treatments are often shorter, but this is dependent on how much pigment was rejected by the skin from previous sessions.

Who chooses the construction of the hairline?

There are many factors that determine which hairline is best for your particular features in order to create a completely natural looking appearance. Your practitioner will review these factors with you and offer recommendations for the most appropriate aesthetic that fits you. But when all is said and done, you ultimately decide how your hairline will be constructed so nobody else can tell you have had scalp micropigmentation treatments.

What happens after three scalp micropigmentation treatments have been administered?

If you have followed the initial after care instructions as directed, there is nothing more to do except sit back and admire your new, rejuvenated appearance. All of our treatment plans are backed by a one year guarantee in the unlikely event there is some premature fading or lightening of the pigments. If that occurs, simply come back to the clinic for a touch up, free of charge. Otherwise, plan to return in a few years for a touch up.

What does โ€œa few yearsโ€ mean? Is that normal?

Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent procedure that will last for the rest of your life. However, clients will typically experience some fading or lightening of the pigments through normal wear and tear of the surface of your scalp. Every few years, touch ups may be necessary at an average of five to eight years. This is entirely normal and should be expected.

How do I follow the aftercare instructions?

The aftercare instructions must be followed for four days after receiving your scalp micropigmentation treatment. This is done to slow the pigments from fading and prevent infection or contamination of the scalp. The instructions are straightforward โ€“ you must not touch or wash your scalp, no cutting of your hair, and avoid workouts for the first four days post-treatment.

You are permitted to wear a hat and you wonโ€™t be required to change or alter your sleeping routine. The pigments will not smudge or stain your pillows or sheets.

See the attached PDF for complete aftercare instructions.

Download: Mid-Treatment Advice

Will I need to take time off from work?

The SMP treatment procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical, so there is no downtime or recovery period after receiving SMP. Just follow the aftercare instructions for four days. Many of our clients will visit the clinic for treatment, return home, and go back to work the next morning.

Will everyone know I have had scalp micropigmentation treatments?

Not unless you tell them. The SMP procedure is designed to give you a completely natural looking, full head of hair through micropigmentation of the scalp. Keep in mind, the pigments are often darker and bolder right after they have been implanted into the skin, so you will need to give it a couple days before they have settled fully. Some clients may also experience redness and irritation where the scalp micropigmentation treatments have been applied but that should dissipate in 48 to 72 hours based on the sensitivity of your skin.

But you can rest assured knowing that after the first few days, your scalp micropigmentation treatments will appear completely natural.

Is the scalp micropigmentation procedure painful?

The majority of our clients have not experienced intense pain. Some have even told us that SMP treatments are similar to getting a tattoo. Naturally, everyone's threshold for pain is different. But we take your health and safety very seriously and your practitioner will make every effort to ensure the procedure goes smoothly.

If you feel like you need to take a break during a session, do not hesitate to alert your practitioner and the treatment can be paused to manage the pain.

Will I need to keep my head shaved after receiving scalp micropigmentation treatments?

The answer to that question can be determined during your initial consultation. Some clients may need to maintain the shaved head look in order to prevent the treatments for being made obvious to the naked eye.

Clients who are categorized at a 6 or 7 on the Norwood scale must keep the head shaved because of the amount of pigments applied to the top of the head. The treatments will not blend correctly with the hair that continues to grow along the sides and the back of the head and the contrast between your existing hair and the pigments will be extremely obvious.

The pigments that are implanted into the surface of rhe scalp do not have a three-dimensional texture, therefore, the scalp micropigmentation and your real hair will not blend together very well and you will not be left with natural-looking results.

Clients categorized as lower numbers on the Norwood scale may only need filler treatments to provide density and volume to existing hair that still grows in. This means the client has enough surrounding hair in which to blend the micropigmentation treatments and shaving the head will not be necessary

Does ZangSMP perform scalp micropigmentation for scar concealment?

Yes, scalp micropigmentation treatments can be used to conceal scarring from injury, surgery, and invasive hair transplantation procedures such as FUE and FUT. These scars can all be concealed with SMP treatments administered directly to and around the scar.

Should I cut my hair before receiving scalp micropigmentation treatment?

That all depends on the reasons for your scalp micropigmentation treatment. For clients who are having filler treatments or scar concealment treatments performed, we ask that you cut your hair to as short a length as possible at which you feel comfortable, unless asked to do otherwise. Clients categorized at Norwood 6 or 7 will be asked to shave their heads and expect to keep it at that length after the treatments have been completed.

Is there anything I need to do for optimal maintenance?

Your practitioner will supply you with suggestions for products that are best for maintaining the condition of your scalp and the pigments that have been deposited during the procedure.

Please click this link to see which products we typically recommend to our clients.

Will shaving my head affect or damage the treatments?

Feel free to shave your head daily. You may wash it as often as you wish. The treatment can not be damaged in the process since the pigments have been permanently implanted into the epidermis layer of the scalp. In fact, most of our clients shave each and every day.

Just be sure not to do any of these things for four days after receiving treatment.

What steps should I take to protect my scalp micropigmentation treatments from sunlight?

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can negatively impact your treatment and your scalp. The sun can cause the pigments to break down and weaken while your skin is highly susceptible to damage. We recommend the use of a strong protective sunscreen or wearing a hat when you plan to be outdoors in the sunlight for extended periods of time.

What are the costs of treatment?

The cost of scalp micropigmentation varies from one individual to the next. The cost of your particular treatment is determined by the severity of hair loss and the amount of scalp micropigmentation needed to address the issue. Some clients may require the minimum two treatments, some may need a third to achieve the desired results.

When are payments for treatment due?

We ask all of our clients to provide a $400 deposit at the time of booking scalp micropigmentation sessions. You can expect an average wait time of eight weeks for an available date. The payments are split up over two appointments, the first half of payment due at the time of the first session, the remaining half due at the time of the second.

We offer financing for clients who qualify.

How do I get started with treatments at ZangSMP?

Give us a call at 310-425-4975 or email us at to schedule your free initial consultation. We offer our services to clients all around the world, if you are unable to come to the clinic we can schedule a consultation over the phone or via Facetime or Skype video call. In advance of a remote consultation, send a photo of your scalp or the scar you wish to have concealed with scalp micropigmentation. Take the photo from overhead, looking down at the crown of the scalp.