Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago (SMP)

Men and women who are struggling with a variety of hair loss challenges now have a permanent and effective solution for restoring their appearance with scalp micropigmentation (SMP). This non-invasive method utilizes plant-based pigments to reproduce the appearance of hair follicles on the dermal layer of the scalp through a process that is very similar to tattooing.

ZangSMP is the leader in the art of scalp micropigmentation featuring a staff of expert practitioners with decades of experience. We've helped thousands of clients around the world regain their self-confidence and feel comfortable with the reflection looking back at them in the mirror. Our team is second to none when it comes to customer satisfaction because SMP provides real, natural-looking results that blend seamlessly with your existing hair to restore density and volume.

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What SMP Can Fix

SMP can fix

Male Pattern Baldness

SMP can fix

Thinning Hair

SMP can fix

Scar Camouflage

SMP can fix

Women's Hair Loss


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Don't bother messing with those ineffective powders, pastes, creams, and other outdated methods for solving hair loss. Leave the hats and hair pieces in the closet. Scalp micropigmentation is the 21st century solution for addressing hair loss.

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How does scalp micropigmentation work?

This non-surgical procedure uses a microneedling tool to insert organic, plant-based pigments into the surface layer of the scalp. Each deposit replicates the appearance of hair follicles to create the appearance of a full head of natural-looking hair.

For clients with thinning or receding hair, SMP can add the appearance of thickness, density, and volume to existing hair. For clients who are entirely bald, SMP will make it look as if you have a tightly shaved buzz cut, similar to a 5 o'clock shadow.

Regardless of your hair loss issues and the appearance you wish to achieve through scalp micropigmentation, we take every step necessary to ensure that your results look entirely natural.

How many SMP treatments are necessary for best results?

Every client will require a minimum of two scalp micropigmentation treatment sessions, performed one week apart from each other. This is because we are inserting pigments into your skin, the largest organ of the body, and its natural tendency is to reject those pigments. Therefore, some pigment loss will occur and the second treatment is needed to replace what has been rejected in order to achieve the desired results.

You will notice a dramatic difference in your appearance after the first scalp micropigmentation treatment has been administered. The week following that treatment will result in some loss of pigment, which is natural. Once the skin has relaxed, your practitioner will assess how much pigment was rejected and the second treatment will be administered to restore what was lost in order to achieve the desired result.

Some clients may require a third treatment, one to three months after the second treatment session has been completed. This treatment may be necessary for adding any finishing touches to get the best results.

How long does a scalp micropigmentation session take?

Each SMP treatment session can last between two to four hours depending on how much work is needed to achieve the client's desired results.

You can expect the first session to take longer as the practitioner will construct the hairline and implant the foundational layer of pigments into your scalp.Subsequent sessions are often shorter but this will vary depending on how much pigment was rejected by your skin after the previous treatment.

Who determines how the hairline is constructed?

Your practitioner will review the various factors that come into play when tailoring a hairline that will best suit your particular features. Your personal preferences are also taken into account as there are often a range of viable options for ensuring that your results look completely natural once the sessions are complete.

Three SMP treatment sessions have been completed. What's next?

If you have faithfully followed the after care instructions once your treatments were complete, then your SMP experience is complete. Rest easy and enjoy the new you looking back in the mirror. All of our SMP treatment plans are backed by a one year guarantee. So in the unlikely event you notice some of the pigments have faded, come back to the clinic and we will provide touch ups at no cost to you.

Will I need touch ups after the one year guarantee has expired?

Although scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution to treating hair loss and the pigments will last in the skin forever, they do tend to lighten or fade over time under natural wear and tear of the surface of the skin. This is entirely normal and we often see clients return for touch up work around five to eight years after their SMP treatments have been completed.

What can I expect from the aftercare instructions?

These are post-treatment session instructions that are imperative for ensuring that your pigments settle fully into the skin without fading while preventing any infection or contamination of the scalp. The instructions are simple but it is very important that you take them seriously.

Please refer to the attached PDF to view the complete aftercare instructions.

Download: Mid-Treatment Advice

Should I plan to take time off from work after treatment?

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical procedure, there is no downtime or recovery period required after the sessions are finished. Simply follow the aftercare instructions that are provided to you for four days after the treatments. Many clients will have the treatment session performed and return to work the very next day.

Will it be obvious to others that I have received SMP treatments?

In the first couple of hours after treatment, you will likely notice the pigments are darker and bolder than normal as they have just been implanted. But the pigments will soften in appearance. You may notice some redness and irritation of the skin, this too shall pass in a day or two. But rest assured, once the skin has fully healed and the pigments have settled in fully, your scalp micropigmentation will look entirely natural and no one will be able to tell you have received treatments.

Do the treatments hurt?

Every client is different. Some may find it uncomfortable, others may not mind at all. It all depends on the individual's threshold for pain. But we always want to maintain the highest standards for health and safety, so please inform the practitioner if you are experiencing higher than expected levels of discomfort during the session and you need a break. We want to ensure the procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

Should I expect to keep my head shaved after the treatments?

The level of hair loss you are experiencing will be analyzed during the initial consultation in our clinic or via online chat. Once we know what class of hair loss you are categorized under, the practitioner will develop a treatment plan that fits best for your style and the type of SMP procedure that will address your hair loss concerns.

Clients who fall under the Norwood 6 or 7 scale for hair loss will need to keep the head shaved as there will be a large amount of scalp micropigmentation coverage necessary on the top of the head. When the hair on the back and the sides of the scalp continue to grow, the SMP treatment will become more obvious to others due to the stark, visible contrast between the pigments and your existing hair. It's important to keep in mind that SMP is a permanent cosmetic procedure that is applied to the surface of the scalp. It is not intended to, nor will it result in, the regrowth of hair. Therefore, the textures of the SMP and your existing hair will not match.

Using scalp micropigmentation for restoring density to an existing hairline or volume to the crown of the head are considered filler treatments. The ideal candidate for receiving filler treatments is someone who has existing hair surrounding the areas where SMP will be applied, so the treatments blend seamlessly.

Does ZangSMP perform scar concealment treatments?

Yes. Scalp micropigmentation can be used to conceal cranial scars suffered due to injury or surgery. Our team of practitioners have performed SMP treatments on clients who are unhappy with existing scars they have received due to FUT (follicular unit transplantation) or FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedures. We specialize in concealing these types of scarring with scalp micropigmentation.

Should I get a haircut before my SMP treatments?

Clients who are booking treatment sessions for fillers or scar concealments will typically need to get their hair cut to the shortest possible length at which they feel comfortable, unless directed otherwise by the practitioner. For those clients with Norwood 6 or 7 hair loss, a shaved head is required before treatment and it must be kept that way after the treatment sessions are complete.

Are there steps I should take for optimal maintenance of my SMP?

Your practitioner will offer recommendations and suggestions for the best products to maintain the condition of your SMP treatments. Take a look at our products recommendation page for more information.

Do I risk damaging my scalp micropigmentation treatments if I keep shaving my head?

You may continue shaving your head after the treatment sessions are complete. The pigments will not be damaged as they are implanted deep into the surface layer of the scalp. As previously noted, clients with Norwood 6 or 7 hair loss will be required to continue shaving their heads after treatment to ensure natural-looking results.

Should I take precautions with my SMP in sunlight?

Exposing your scalp to direct sunlight can cause the pigments to fade and the more often you keep your scalp unprotected, the more you risk damage to your treatments and your scalp. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can increase your risks of skin cancer, not to mention sunburn which can be quite uncomfortable. Always wear a high SPF sunscreen or wear a hat to cover your head when you expect to spend extended periods of time in the sun.

What is the cost of scalp micropigmentation treatment?

The cost for SMP can vary from one client to another. Pricing is based on the amount of hair loss that needs to be addressed and how much scalp micropigmentation is necessary to achieve the client's desired result. Keep in mind, a minimum of two sessions is required.

The following prices are an average based on a variety of factors and should not be considered a reflection of your costs until a practitioner has reviewed your case:

Scar concealment: $800-$1000 per treatment. Class 2-4 hair loss: $2400-$3400. Class 5-7 hair loss: $3400-$4200. Top of the scalp treatment with scar concealment: $4200-$5200.

What is the payment structure?

A deposit of $400 is due at the time of booking to secure your appointment. Payments are split evenly at the time of treatment. Half at the first session, half at the second. We offer financing for clients who qualify.

What should I do to get started?

Give us a call at 310-425-4975 or email us at: to schedule your free consultation. We serve clients worldwide so if you are unable to visit the clinic, send us a photo of your scalp and we can schedule a phone call or video session consultation.