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There are many types of balding patterns in which hair loss starts to present a variety of challenges for restoring your natural appearance. It may start slowly as the hairline begins to recede or bare spots become more visible as the hair sheds at a quicker pace. Perhaps you've noticed the part in the hair at the crown of your scalp growing wider in a short period of time.

These are obvious signs that you are experiencing some form of hair thinning and it can be a troubling issue for both men and women. Receding hairlines and visible areas of the scalp at the crown (or anywhere else for that matter) may have you dissatisfied with your appearance and impact your quality of life.

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Scalp micropigmentation is the solution for addressing the frustrations with thinning hair by replacing what has been lost with plant-based pigments that are implanted directly into the surface layer of the scalp. If that sounds similar to the technique of tattooing, you are correct. Scalp micropigmentation injects the pigments into the scalp to replicate the appearance of hair follicles. Depending on the extent of your thinning hair and how much surface area requires treatment, our main objective in administering SMP is to provide clients with a permanent solution for restoring the look of a full head of natural hair, replacing the density and volume that has been lost due to thinning.

A client might experience hair thinning for any number of reasons. Studies have shown that genetics plays the biggest role in pattern baldness for both men and women. We have also determined that many alternative methods for addressing hair loss are ineffective and underperform, leaving clients disappointed and, in some cases, scarred for life due to invasive measures that were previously attempted before turning to scalp micropigmentation.

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Fortunately, ZangSMP has dealt with these types of cases and our practitioners are highly skilled in restoring a client's appearance with SMP treatments. These photos present some of the most dramatic examples of actual clients who have come to our clinic for help in dealing with thinning hair. You may notice some of them have shaved heads while others have longer hairstyles. Take a look and you will see how much of a difference scalp micropigmentation has made for these clients. We believe the results speak for themselves.

Take note – not all clients will be asked to shave their head in advance of receiving treatment. Some clients may only be required to cut their hair to the shortest possible length at which they still feel comfortable prior to their SMP treatment sessions.

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