The Role of Genetics in Hair Loss Explained

The Role of Genetics in Hair Loss Explained

Baldness is from the mother’s bloodline. Wearing hats can make hair fall out. Only older men start to get bald.

Are any of these even true? Or are they just myths? There is so much information floating around out there about baldness, but what’s true and what isn’t?

Here are some important things to know about hair loss genetics and factors that may or may not affect baldness.

Hair Loss Genetics Aren’t Always Because of Your Mother

There’s a big misconception out there that the hair loss gene is passed down from the other’s side. But that’s not 100% accurate.

Yes, the primary bald gene is on the X chromosome. This gene can only be passed down to men from their mothers, but there are other things involved in the process.

Although the balding gene is more dominant on the mother’s side, men whose fathers are bald have a better chance of suffering from male pattern baldness.

Hair density is a trait that involves more than one ancestor’s genes, which all contribute to what will happen. That means the genes from fathers and even grandparents play a role in determining baldness.

Hair loss genetics is definitely not just your mom’s problem.

Wearing Hats Does Not Affect Baldness

Many men are afraid of keeping their ball caps on for too long out of fear of losing their hair. But this is just another myth that needs to be quashed.

Simply put, wearing hats does not place undue pressure on the scalp to the point that it will cause baldness. So you can wear those hats as long as you like without worrying about what it’ll do to your hairline.

Testosterone Levels Do Not Determine Baldness

Another big misconception about male baldness is that men who are bald tend to have more testosterone compared to those with a full head of hair. That’s not true.

Research shows that men who experience baldness have the same level of testosterone compared to those with hair.

Getting Too Much Sun is Not Bad For Your Hair Line

For some reason, there’s a myth about how tanning and soaking in too many of the sun’s UV rays will burn off the hair on men’s heads. There’s simply no truth to that.

Sure, too much UV exposure is never good for anyone, but it won’t cause your hairline to recede.

Maybe what fuels this myth is the notion that exposure to the sun can cause the hair shaft to get brittle as it cooks in the sun. But it won’t cause baldness.

Looking For a Solution to Your Baldness?

If your hairline is receding, your hair is thinning, or you’re experiencing full-out baldness, there’s a solution you might want to think about: scalp micropigmentation.

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