Have questions regarding Scalp Micropigmentation? Then we have answers! Browse our FAQ section below for all your concerns from how it works, how long it takes and general costs.

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Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure of inserting organic based plant deposits through the dermal layer of the scalp. The deposition of pigmentation replicates hair follicles and creating a full head of hair. If you are completely bald we provide the 5 o’clock shadow look, and if you are thinning or not satisfied from hair transplant results and require more density? SMP is for you.

Scalp Micropigmentation is always done in minimum of two treatments, both treatments one week apart. Reason being, we are working with your skin (the largest organ on the body) to accept our procedure. Being it being plant based and organic, the human skin will try to reject the pigmentation immediately after the first treatment. We expect clients to see immediate results after the first treatment but after the second treatment you will see more of a completion. There is a possibility of a third treatment 1-3 months after the second treatment where we add the finishing touches.

Each session is 2-4 hours depending on the work on hand. First treatment is typically the longest as we’re constructing the hairline and putting in the foundational layer. As we progress through the treatment plan the timing should be less based on retention.

There are factors that determine what hairline is suitable for you. We are looking for the most natural and appropriate fitting that complements your head shape. We have protocols in place to determine what fits best.

After following the initial after care instructions sit back and enjoy the SMP treatment. We do offer a one year guarantee with our treatment plans so in case there is some lightening of the pigments, you have our guarantee that we will touch it up on us. After that, see you in couple years.

Typically with our clients we expect touch ups within the 3-5 years mark. This is a permanent procedure where it will last forever, but there is normal wear and tear involved with the science of the procedure causing it to lighten up over time.

It is very crucial you follow our 4 day post treatment instruction to prevent all forms of cross contamination. Essentially the instructions are no touching, washing, cutting, and no working out for the first 4 days. You can wear a hat right after each treatment. Don’t need to worry about not sleeping on it, it won’t smudge or smear on your pillows. See the PDF attached for the full after care instructions.

Mid-Treatment Advice.pdf

Scalp Micropigmentation is non-invasive and nonsurgical. After each treatment you won’t feel any lingering pain. Many of our clients drive in and out the same day, and the same for our out of state and international clients who fly in and fly out the same day.

Initially after the first treatment the pigments will look bolder as they are freshly deposited. Overnight you will notice the pigments softening and settling down. As for the redness, it will disappear in 48-72 hours. Intensity of redness is based on sensitivity of the skin, but more or less clients will notice significantly less redness 48 hours after the first treatment.

For most clients who have undergone SMP, the pain is not as intense as a traditional tattoo. Pain tolerance is case to case per client but your health and safety is our priority. Our practitioners will ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

We will assess your hair loss during the consultation or via web assessment. Once we get an understanding of your hair loss pattern and what class hair loss you fall under, we provide a treatment plan with the style and look we recommend that would be optimal with our SMP procedure. Ultimately, it is case by case.

If we are doing a filler treatment or scar concealment, we typically request our clients to come in with the shortest hair length they are going to keep it at, unless requested otherwise. For filler treatments we expect clients to grow their hair out, however we need to blend in to the shortest hair length you are going to keep it at. However for class 6 and 7 hair loss whose hair loss is excessive, you would need to shave your head before you come in for treatment and maintain it at that length.

Correct, Scalp Micropigmentation isn’t just for male pattern baldness. It is used to conceal scars from previous surgeries or injuries. Both FUE and FUT scars can be concealed with SMP.

Adding density to the hairline and/or density to the crown are classified as a filler treatment. Good candidates for filler treatments are those whose hair loss has hair around the area for us to blend the SMP in with.

This is ultimately a permanent cosmetic procedure where we are replicating hair follicle, think of this more of hair replacement. Our pigmentation will never grow or create a 3D texture.

Clients classified as class 6-7 hair loss who underwent excessive hair loss need to maintain a short hair look due to the amount of coverage we have done with SMP. As the hair on the back and sides keep growing, what’s been lost on the top of the scalp will never grow. With lack of maintenance on the back and sides (as they’ll keep growing) the SMP treatment will be more apparent as there is a visible contrast.

We will provide suggestions for products to use to maintain your hair style. Please check the link to our products recommendation page to use to maintain your scalp.

You can cut your head every day and wash it as well, the treatment will not be damaged as it is in your epi dermis layer. As a matter of fact, majority of our clients who have this procedure do in fact shave everyday and we have had no issues come from it.

Overexposure by directly sunlight can cause the pigments to weaken and overtime you will be damaging both the treatment and your scalp. Wear protective sunscreen or a hat whenever you are going out and expecting to be in direct sunlight for over an hour.

Cost for SMP is case by case. We’re looking at the scale of hair loss and the amount of work needed. First two treatments are one week apart with a possibility of a third treatment 1-3 months after the second. For scar concealments it is $872-$1000 per treatment. For class 2-4 hair loss it is $2400-$3400. Class 5-7 hair loss $3400-$4200. Top of the scalp and scar concealments range from $4200-$5200 for 2-3 treatments.

We do not. It is a $400 booking deposit to secure your treatment dates with us. There is a typical wait time of 8 weeks to get in with us. We then split the payments up 50/50 between the first two treatments. We do offer financing as well.

Contact us at 310-425-4975 or at info@zangsmp.comand schedule your free consultation. We service many clients from around the world so instead of coming in, you can send us a photo of your scalp (top down, birds eye view) and of your scar and we can schedule a phone consultation or Facetime/Skype video session.