Hair Loss Battles: Toppik vs. SMP vs. Fibers – Which Wins?

Hair Loss Battles: Toppik vs. SMP vs. Fibers – Which Wins?

Today, we have several ways to treat hair loss. Many of these methods use the latest technologies that are easy and affordable. However, the problem is which method to use?

Today's Methods of Fighting Hair Loss

You may have heard about Fibers and Toppik as hair loss treatments. Scalp Micropigmentation, aka SMP, is also very popular. So, Toppik vs SMP - which one is right for you?

Let us explain both these methods to you so that you can analyze whether Toppik or SMP is better for you.

Toppik and SMP

Toppik is one of the most popular hair loss treatments available today. It uses micro-fibers to give the impression of thicker hair.

The product is available in a tube that contains a keratin-based powder. You have to apply this powder on the hair so that it binds to the hair follicles and makes your hair look thicker. The product works on the basis of positively charged particles attracting negatively charged particles and thereby sticking together.

Toppik is a temporary solution. You can call it a concealer also as it doesn’t help in hair regrowth, but it only makes the hair look thick and you have to apply it daily. If you are not bathing, the product may work for two days.

Toppik is safe, it doesn’t lead to thinning of hair and can be used by anyone who has some amount of hair on their head.

If you are looking for a permanent solution to hair loss, Toppik will not suffice your requirement however.

SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation)

Better known as SMP, Scalp Micropigmentation is a permanent hair treatment solution for hair loss. It is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that uses a pigment that matches your hair color to create the shaven look style for balding men.

To adopt SMP, you have to shave off your head so that the pigment can be applied to your head to match your hair color and to give the impression of a shaven look. This is the ideal method for bald people or those that like to keep their hair close cut or cropped. And if you have longer hair and need to fill in thin spots, SMP is also ideal.

SMP gives you the freedom to move around freely after the treatment is done. You don’t have to fear rain or sunlight also. It looks 100% natural. You only have to take care of the skin so that the pigments last long. Applying a moisturizer and a sunscreen while going out in strong sunlight is enough.

SMP offers a permanent solution which makes it superior to hair concealers like Toppik. It is affordable as well compared to other expensive procedures such has a hair transplant. If you have any questions or concerns regarding scalp micropigmentation, please let us know.