SMP for Long Hair: Adding Volume and Density

SMP for Long Hair: Adding Volume and Density

For those that are familiar with scalp micropigmentation, most associate it with restoring the hair’s appearance with a freshly shaved head or a style cut close to the scalp. While this is true, SMP offers even more benefits for those looking for more options.

Benefits such as filling in areas of thin hair for those that have longer hair. It’s ideal to fill in thinner areas because it gives a continuous appearance of hair throughout the scalp without attracting unwanted attention while looking completely natural. And these benefits aren’t only for men with long hair, but women as well.

Here’s how.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Longer Hair

For scalp micropigmentation to appear correctly with longer hair, you must have some thinning hair with an intact hairline. Because scalp micropigmentation treatments do not add any physical length to existing hair, there must be a complete distribution of existing hair in order to achieve a natural, continuous appearance.

So while most people seek SMP to fill in bald areas of their scalp, you can have SMP added to thin or bald spots to your full head of hair. So shaving your head isn’t necessary. Again, please note, for this to appear natural, you must have hair distributed all over the head prior to the treatment.

The Best Hair Types for Adding Density

Diffuse thinning and female pattern hair loss are both the ideal types of hair loss for scalp micropigmentation. The hair is typically more or less thinned out rather than balding in one concentrated area. This allows the filling in of these areas where there may be thinning hair and the scalp is showing through. When it comes to hair loss or shedding that’s been caused by periods of physiological or hormonal stress, it’ll end up depending on whether or not your hair will grow back and how much hair you lost in the first place.

Unfortunately, if you have general thinning alopecia, in which a person has several spots of complete hair loss that sometimes change location, you will ultimately have to shave the entire head and then receive treatment because the bald spots will continue to change. If you have this kind of hair loss, adding density as a treatment may not be the solution for you.

Other situations in which density SMP wouldn’t be ideal are for those with complete hair loss and large balding spots in which the shaved, close cut look is ideal. For large bald spots, the areas that receive the scalp micropigmentation treatment will be too noticeable if there are long strands of hair surrounding the bald spots.

Overall, it is recommended that there is an even distribution of remaining hair for those with long hair seeking scalp micropigmentation solutions. Feel free to give us a call today for any questions regarding scalp micropigmentation. We’d love to help you understand this process better and find the best solution for you.