SMP Repair in Los Angeles

On the journey to SMP many people do extensive research to see which provider is the right fit for them. Unfortunately, there are some that don’t do the research and find someone who does results that deter and scare people away from SMP. Commonly mentioned statements in consultations are “I’ve seen bad photos online”, well firstly; thankfully none of those work is ours, and secondly; we know.

Previous years there were not as many “SMP” providers out there providing botched and poor SMP results. However, we have seen our first bad SMP job from as long as 10 years ago. Tattoo artists and some hair transplant doctors were culprits of claiming they were doing SMP but actually made botched treatments.

What is a botched treatment? Being one of the pioneers of SMP, our standards of SMP are quite high. However botched treatments do stand out from even a novice’s SMP treatment as they are quite obvious from big blotchy dots, blue dots, to sharp cookie cutter hairlines (helmet effect). What solutions are there to address botched treatments?

Previously we would recommend laser removal to remove bad SMP treatments. Essentially the same techniques to remove a regretful tattoo, a laser would be the solution to remove bad SMP work (essentially a tattoo). Reason why we are so hesitant to recommend laser removal right away is that:

  1. It is super painful, right near almost traumatizing.
  2. It gets pricey as depending how bad the work is, can require up to 10+ sessions.
  3. If you have existing hair left, it’ll zap off all your remaining hair as well.
  4. You can also be at risk of scarring if the laser is not done correctly.

There are risks with laser which can be avoided if you did proper SMP research. However, if you are in the situation where you have bad SMP and want it removed but not by laser, well you’re in luck. The practitioners here at Zang SMP have curated and mastered the craft of SMP neutralize repair. What is SMP repair? It is the blending and neutralizing of the previous botched deposits and making it appear more similar to our shading and our deposits.

Essentially SMP repair treatment plans are broken down into multiple treatments where we neutralize the blue dots and have them appear to be more of a gray shade. And then we overpower the blend with our density to match everything in together. Is it going to be perfect and as if you never had previous botched SMP done? No, only the laser removal can achieve that. However, with SMP repair and neutralize, we can achieve near perfect results without the need to undergo laser removal.

Only time where a laser removal will be recommended is where there is absolutely no room for us to correct and break (soften) a really sharp hairline and if the whole scalp is essentially blue. At that point laser would be more efficient that SMP repair.

Essentially SMP is in the industry of “you get what you pay for”. We have had plenty of cases where clients will state they paid a lot less than what we charge and, in some cases, a lot more what we charge and get the botched results. So please do your research, the money you think you are saving from initial cost of SMP will add up in the future when you do laser removal or SMP repair with us.

Here are some examples of SMP repair and neutralize by us.

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