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Scalp Micropigmentation is a proven hair loss procedure that addresses male pattern baldness. However, did you know this procedure can also be applied to women as well? A common question we get asked from men is “Do I need to shave my head down to do this procedure?”.

Well, it depends. The most common cases you will see around the web are typically bald men without a hairline and who keep their hair short with a military trim length or a razor-shave length. However, within a couple of years of SMP being active in America (almost 12 years ago), we also noticed men who were hair transplant recipients who did not have enough donors to address the top of the scalp so they were looking for something to make it appear more full/darker. Instead of putting fibers, men discovered that SMP is a proven solution to help shade the scalp and complement existing hair and make it appear fuller.

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So why stop at men with thinning or not successful hair transplants? Women have a similar pattern too of having thin hair along with thinning hair. Unfortunately, there are cases of women who have a thinning pattern where it will focus on the hairline region, crown region, or all over (including the sides and back). And it is easier said than done to ask a woman to shave their head down for a cosmetic procedure. Instead, we can certainly make the best of it and enhance the scalp by shading the scalp and making the hair look more full. While still keeping it undetectable and with a natural look.

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The main thing we discuss with women is how you typically style your hair. Do you part it one way? Put it up in a bun? Leave it down? How often do you color? These are styles and concerns we want to address before we commit to anything. We would like to leave as many doors open for you in terms of having flexibility in wearing a variety of hairstyles with SMP.

With women looking into Scalp Micropigmentation the same scenario applies to our men clients. Basically, two treatments are required and within a week apart. Typically we treat the whole area of coverage agreed upon in the first session, and then add more density the following week by going in between the dots from the first session. The only difference we are doing here is working in between the hair.

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