Scalp Micropigmentation Pricing

Scalp micropigmentation is still the only hair loss solution with guaranteed results, and this is why many people opt for the procedure along with its minimally invasive process and quick recovery time. Sessions are usually broken up into two main sessions with a third brief session for final touch ups if needed. 

However, micropigmentation is a very difficult, intricate and detailed procedure, and it’s very important to know who’s doing the micropigmentation and what to expect. These along with other factors affects its pricing on a case by case basis. It depends on the area that’s having micropigmentation, the artist who’s performing the work, whether or not you have scarring, and other factors we will discuss.

The Factors that Affect the Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

The Area of the Treatment

The majority of people who opt for scalp micropigmentation suffer from male pattern baldness (MPB), the severity of which is determined by the Norwood scale. There are 7 stages of baldness according to this scale, the first one being the baseline (no hair loss whatsoever), while the last one is the “horseshoe” phase, during which the hair around the back and the sides of the head remain. The price for each of these stages is different as there is more space to cover with the micropigmentation. Visit our gallery to learn more and see how we've helped those with their various stages of hair loss.

The Skin Type

Excessively dry, flaky and older skin requires much more care and extra time. It’s the same case with extra sensitive skin, damaged skin, or skin that’s covered in acne or moles. Extremely thick skin can also require special attention, just as new skin, and both types can also affect the procedure. Due to this fact, it’s very important to have a consultation with your SMP artist beforehand so that they could see if your skin is delicate or not.


The presence of scarring can also make your procedure a more demanding one. Hair does not grow over scar tissue, and since micropigmentation is there to mimic natural hair, this could be a tricky task, but definitely not an impossible one. It’s easier for lighter scars, of course, so this is another reason why you don’t have to choose your artist based on the SMP cost but based on the experience.

Hair Density and Style

If your style needs to mimic more hair follicles, the price will obviously be a bit higher than the price for patients who simply want to keep their density but fill out the appearance of existing hair. This may be the most important factor when determining the price of SMP because it directly impacts how much work is involved. The style you choose will also determine the density of the treatment and the time required to accomplish the look. A “wet shave” look is a very light treatment option, while a classic fade needs extra density in places which means extra treatment time.

SMP requires skill and precision to look flawless and appear as though no work was done at all on the scalp. It never should attract attention or become a distraction unless it was poorly done. 

To achieve this seamless appearance, small incisions are made into the skin of the scalp, thus creating an illusion that the scalp is actually full with hair. In order to make this more natural, the SMP artist uses pigment darker than the hair color of the patient in order to create a shadowing effect that will make the final result much more realistic. 

Zang SMP Pricing

For the scalp to look natural and not fake for each individual's needs, a delicate balance must be achieved by the scalp micropigmentation artist. This is reflected in the costs based on a free consultation with the client.

We take into consideration how much hair loss the client has experienced, the type of procedure best suited to their needs and how much work is involved for the SMP artist. Each individual has specific needs and therefore, pricing will vary from one person to another. Below is our pricing services.

Procedure Type Cost per Session Session 1+2 Cost Session 3 Cost Total Treatment Cost
Scar Concealment $800-$1000 $1600-$3000
Norwood 2-4 $2200-$3000 $400-$600 $2600-$3600
Norwood 5-7 $3200-$4000 $400-$800 $3600-$4800
Alopecia Case by case $3500-$5500
Women's Density $600-$1200 $1200-$3600
Repair Treatment $2200-$3000 $500 $2700-$3500
Touch ups $440-$1000 $440-$1000

Payment Options

We accept the following payment options: all major credit cards, cash, PayPal, Apple, Samsung, and Google Pay. 

We also offer financing for affordable monthly payments. Consider financing with one of our third party providers United Medical Credit. They offer 12 months of 0% APR financing.

Final Note

Something that cannot be given a monetary value is the confidence and inner peace we give our clients after we complete our work with you. The new look not only gives you your hair back, but gives you a new, fresh outlook as well. 

Feel free to browse our certified Google Reviews and our Video Testimonials. For any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call us today. We would love to help you understand how we can help you achieve the look you want.

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