Scalp Micropigmentation for
Women in Los Angeles

Scalp micropigmentation has been shown to be a permanent, effective solution for addressing male pattern baldness. But did you know that SMP treatments can help women who are also suffering from thinning or missing hair? The team of practitioners at Zang SMP have also been helping female clients address hair loss and restore self-confidence in their appearance. We can help you too!

While the SMP treatments are administered in the same fashion for men and women alike, the consultation and preparation leading up to the initial treatment is slightly different.

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One of the most common questions we receive from our clients is the concern over the necessity for shaving the head before the procedure. For our male clients, the answer is contingent upon the client's particular case and the desired results. Bald men who lack a fully constructed hairline or wear the hair in a crewcut or shaved style may need to shave in preparation of SMP treatments. But male clients who are dealing with thinning hair and require some density need only to cut their hair to the shortest length at which they feel comfortable with their appearance. Scalp micropigmentation treatments can fill in the areas that need shading to replicate hair follicles to reproduce a natural-looking full head of hair. The process is often more effective than transplanting existing hair from the back of the scalp to the areas that are experiencing thinning or loss. Many of our male clients will seek out SMP when transplants or other hair loss solutions have proven unsuccessful.

The patterns of hair loss for women are usually found along the hairline, the crown of the scalp, and the sides and back of the head. But addressing these issues shouldn't require shaving off all of your hair. Instead our practitioners discuss your options for shading the scalp with SMP treatments to give the hair increased density and volume that looks entirely natural. No one will ever be able to tell the difference, unless you reveal the secret.

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Prior to the start of your first treatment, the practitioner performing the procedure will ask you some questions about your hair. How you wear it, where you part it, whether or not you color it, everything that is related to the style and length that you prefer. This allows us the flexibility to provide multiple options for addressing thinning or missing hair with SMP.

Once you and your practitioner have established the best strategy for treating your hair loss, the scalp micropigmentation treatments are administered over two sessions scheduled about one week from each other. The first treatment is performed to apply the pigments to the area of the scalp that is receiving the necessary coverage. The second is performed to add another application for density and to replace the pigments that might have been rejected by the dermis layer. But instead of working from a bare scalp, the practitioner is inserting the pigments in the designated regions of the scalp around your existing hair.

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