Beverly Hills Hair Thinning

Hair loss comes in different shapes and forms from recession of hairline to excessive shedding. In some cases you see the crown to thin out after the hair recedes to a certain amount. Please refer to our male pattern baldness page for more info on that. On this page we discuss hair thinning. Thinning is subjective as technically male pattern baldness with receding hairline is a form of hair thinning. The thinning we are referring to is where the hair is consistently thin where the scalp is visible (see-through hair). Typically this is a form of hair loss as it does affect both women and men.

From our studies we have noticed that the consistent thinning pattern is common through genetics.

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Unfortunately the case with men (and women) who are in this situation tend to not be a good candidate for a hair transplant due to the donor hair (hair in the back). Cases like these, doctors have no other suggestion for them except for maybe doing PRP shots or even telling the client to use fibers to create that density.

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When it comes to a legitimate solution to address the hair thinning, Scalp Micropigmentation is the solution out there to address the hair thinning. Here are some examples of clients of ours who had their scalp shaded essentially to remove the appearance of the scalp. These clients of ours are not required to shave their head down for our procedure. What we do request is bring it down to the shortest desired length that you wish to keep it at. We will use our pigments to blend in with that length but feel free to grow it out longer if you want that style.

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