Approximately 25% of men are not able to grow any significant amount of facial hair. An even higher percentage may have patches or sparse density in their beard. Studies show that men are consistently rated as more attractive and more masculine when they have facial hair versus being clean shaven.

Beard Micropigmentation (BMP) is a unique, non-surgical solution for men who want more density in their facial hair. BMP can effectively create a 5-o’clock stubble look for men who are unable to grow a beard. BMP can also be used to create full density in men with thin or patchy beards. Results are instantaneous, non-surgical, and no down time is required.

At Zang SMP, you will receive the highest-quality, most natural looking beard micropigmentation treatments in the entire world. Our track record is second to none, and we have the most experienced and expertly-skilled practitioners in the entire industry.

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