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Fashion changes with every season and beards have made a comeback. You will find many men sporting beards currently. They look handsome and so having a beard has become the latest trend. However, what will you do if your facial hair lacks thickness?

Some men face facial hair loss due to age or lifestyle but still want to flaunt a beard. For them, SMP has come as a boon. Using this technique, they can sport a thick beard or get the appearance of stubble.

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Every day we lose around 100 hairs and there is nothing to worry about it as most of these hairs will grow back. However, some people may not do so and experience excessive hair loss due to age, hormonal changes, environmental factors, or heredity. To stop hair loss, you may adopt several techniques and laser cap is one of them.

Let us talk about laser cap effectiveness on hair loss.

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Hair shedding is an everyday process that mostly goes unnoticed. This is mainly because it does not show immediately. You will most probably start to notice the change once you’ve lost a considerable amount of hair. And when that happens, you are sure to panic. But before you do that, let us differentiate between hair loss and hair shedding. 
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Scalp Micropigmentation inserts pigments by penetrating needles into the scalp. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Following are the causes of side effects from Scalp Micropigmentation:  

  • Inexperienced practitioner
  • Poor quality pigments
  • Unsanitized tools or environment
  • Allergies from pigments
  • Sun exposure
  • Early shower
  • Early moisturizing
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People suffering from alopecia often go through hair transplant. But as we all know hair transplant also leaves scars on the scalp. There are two types of hair transplants that give two types of scars on the scalp. Scalp Micropigmentation is a cheaper and a reliable way to hide these scars and is also used to camouflage them. People after hair transplant come for Scalp Micropigmentation to hide the scars.
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