5 Surprising Everyday Habits That Could Be Causing Your Hair Loss

5 Surprising Everyday Habits That Could Be Causing Your Hair Loss

Check out these potential habits that could cause your hair loss.

66 percent of men experience some degree of hair loss by the age of 35. Many are victims of poor genetics and diseases, things they can’t control.

But, there are lots of things we can control that are also ruining our hairlines.

Before you jump to surgery and supplements, assess your lifestyle. There are probably a few things you can do to naturally boost your hair growth. Keep reading for five of the most common reasons for your hair falling out.

1. Eating a Poor Diet

Your diet affects the quantity of hairs on your head. Hair needs specific nutrients from different foods to grow. If you aren’t eating a balanced diet, you could be deficient in those nutrients.

One of the nutrients your hair needs is protein. Protein strengthens the shaft of the hair. It’s also critical for follicle health.

Besides protein, you need B vitamins, vitamin A, iron, and zinc. Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet to improve hair growth.

2. Stressing Out

Have you ever noticed how more hair falls out when you’re stressed? Maybe you lost a family member, are going through a breakup, or quit your job. Major life changes cause stress to your body.

Unfortunately, one result of this much stress is hair loss.

You need to find ways to manage your stress and learn how to cope. Consider going to therapy and practicing yoga. Journaling is also a great way to work through stress.

3. Trichotillomania

Some people suffer from a mental disorder that makes them pull out their hair. Trichotillomania often occurs in teenagers, but any age or gender can get it.

If you have the constant urge to pull out hairs, speak to your doctor.

This could be a physical response to anxiety or another mental condition. There are various treatments that can help and save your hair.

4. Overexercising

It’s important to exercise for your physical and mental health. But, too much exercising can cause adverse effects like hair loss.

A good workout exhausts your body. The rest period after working out allows your muscles to recuperate. It’s a time for healing and regrowth.

But, if you work out too much your body doesn’t have time to rest. It’ll steal energy from other bodily systems that aren’t vitally important.

Your hair will suffer because your body is using that energy to run more important systems. Don’t work out more than once a day and have at least one rest day per week.

5. Taking Medication

Did you know that some of the over-the-counter medications you’re taking can cause hair loss? Common medications for migraines can affect your scalp and hair growth.

Medications for seizures, blood pressure, and some hormonal meds can do this as well.

Before filling your prescription, ask your doctor how it’ll affect your hair. There are sometimes different options that don’t have the same side effects.

Tired of Your Hair Falling Out?

There are a lot of lifestyle habits that can cause hair loss. Before you seek treatment, assess your lifestyle.

Make sure you’re eating well, not overexercising, and coping with stress in healthy ways. All these things can help to stop your hair falling out.

If you’ve tried everything you can to stop your hair loss, you may need to see a specialist. Feel free to reach out on our contact page to discuss how scalp micropigmentation can help you.