Recognizing the Signs of Unusual Hair Loss

Recognizing the Signs of Unusual Hair Loss

Hair shedding is an everyday process that mostly goes unnoticed. This is mainly because it does not show immediately. You will most probably start to notice the change once you’ve lost a considerable amount of hair. And when that happens, you are sure to panic. But before you do that, let us differentiate between hair loss and hair shedding. 

Hair shedding can be due to various reasons. Most importantly, when you lose hair daily it grows back after some time. That kind of hair loss can be due to various reasons that we will discuss later in this article. But when your hair fails to grow back and leaves bald patches on your scalp, that is when you should start worrying. Permanent hair loss has its on reasons and complications but even then, it can be slowed down or covered with various methods and treatments. 

How much Hair loss is normal?

According to research, losing around 100-150 hair per day is normal. A human head has at least 100,000 hair follicles.  So, loss of 100 hair per day can go unnoticed. We lose this much hair every day and we don’t even feel the difference. However, more than 150 or above 200 is not normal. And when you notice a lot of hair on your brush or your drain, then you should probably consult a dermatologist. Your dermatologist will tell you the cause of your abnormal hair loss and a possible cure for it 

What is the difference between hair shedding and Abnormal hair loss?

As mentioned above, the biggest difference between hair shedding and hair loss is the regrowth of hair. Permanent hair loss means no regrowth of hair (Like in male pattern baldness or scar tissue etc.). Whereas, everyday hair shedding covers itself after some time when hair grows back. Now, the reasons and causes for normal hair shedding are plenty. Some of which are mentioned below: 

Daily hair styling

Such as straightening your hair or using curling iron. These equipments can damage your hair and daily application may prove fatal. 


For cancer patients, chemotherapy is used to remove tumor cells. Chemotherapy causes hair loss on the area it is applied to. The patients may lose up to 90% of their natural hair. 


Everyday stress and depression causes a lot of issues. One of the major issues is hair loss. Stress weakens our roots and our hair starts shedding. 


After a woman gives birth, her hair enters its resting stage. Women who give birth may notice considerable hair loss after their delivery.

Other causes of hair shedding include medications, malnutrition, birth control pills, insufficient diet, hormonal changes and most commonly male pattern baldness etc. However, in all these conditions the hair grows back after some time if proper care is provided. (Except for male pattern baldness, in which case it can be slowed down or covered with a treatment such as Hair Transplant or Scalp Micropigmentation).  

When to consult a dermatologist

The best time to talk to your dermatologist is when you notice a considerable amount of hair thinning or bald patches on your scalp. Your dermatologist will discuss the cure with you and will prescribe you some medicines to strengthen your hair follicles and stop your hair fall. In male pattern baldness, even if you cannot stop the hair from gradually shedding, you can slow it down. Follow a hair care routine and improve your diet to see best results. Our hair represents our look and it deserves to be cared for.