What To know Before Starting Scalp Micropigmentation

What To know Before Starting Scalp Micropigmentation

Many men shudder and get petrified at the slightest mention of balding. In as much as if it affects men, women are also not spared of its wrath, but in most cases, it's as common in men as the Fourth of July fireworks. It's the leading cause of low self-esteem among men. It's a constant battle as the menfolk try to battle their receding hairline in their quest for the ever-elusive youthfulness and confidence. But have you ever heard about scalp micro pigmentation and its immense benefits?

Scalp Micropigmentation

It is the latest development among the alternative hair loss treatment that gives an illusion of a full head. It's a tattoo on the scalp that creates a dense imagery of hair follicles around areas suffering from hair loss or a thinning hairline.


Despite a plethora of hair loss treatment solutions such as weaving and follicular transplant, among others, none of them offers a permanent solution, and that's where the significant difference lies with scalp micro-pigmentation. It is a long-term, non-invasive technique and a popular alternative to surgery.

It seamlessly fits in with one's natural hair, and it's hard to distinguish between real hair and what's not. It gets achieved through the use of natural pigment and a specialized machine that injects dye through a needle to the scalp to form tiny hair follicles.

A myriad of products in the market have false claims that make consumers believe in their ability to re-grow hair. Most consumers are gullible, thus end up purchasing them desperate to do anything to re-grow their hair. Scalp micro pigmentation offers no false claims and produces the desired effects.

Its comes across as a safe, fast procedure, quick healing and little maintenance compared to other hair treatment regimes. Since there is no hair, there's no need for expensive hair products or wasted time on styling. 

What You Need to Know Before Starting Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Despite the widespread uptake of scalp micropigmentation, there remain to be genuine concerns about it. We dissect the critical issues about what you need to know and hoe to go about the process,

Does the procedure hurt?

It is a valid question since it involves piercing color through the scalp. It's important to know that there is some discomfort, but it mostly depends on your tolerance level to pain. It's important to note that people with sensitive skin such as acne and psoriasis should avoid SMP since its difficult to apply pigmentation on a flared up skin. 

Also, the level and number of treatment will depend on the area of scalp affected. For better results, SMP gets done twice or thrice since the process involves the layering of color. In between treatment, its vital not to hit the swimming pool, use a sauna or steam room or take hot showers as they may cause a steam storm affecting the pigment. Further, avoid exposing your scalp to direct sunlight in the first four days.

After the final treatment, avoid heavy exercise for typically a week, steam and sauna's for a month and ensure a proper moisturizing scalp regime four days after the definitive treatment

Cost and Risk Involved

The process typically ranges between $400-1000 depending on the severity. Although semi-permanent, it lasts up to eight years since the skin naturally exfoliates, causing fading.

Just like any other forms of tattooing, there is a risk of allergies and reaction to specific components of the pigment administered. Also, since SMP doesn't require any formal training, one should carry out due diligence on reputable practitioners.


SMP comes across as the most preferred method of bald treatment since its cheap, non-invasive and cheap. However, it is dependent on personal or individual preference. One should also enlist the services of a competent practitioner since the effects can be far-reaching.