The Secrets to a Natural-Looking Hairline

The Secrets to a Natural-Looking Hairline

If you’ve noticed your hairline receding, you may be wondering what you can do about it and how to make it look like a natural hairline. No one wants to have a restored hairline that draws attention to it.

An ideal, natural looking hairline doesn’t attract unwanted looks but helps bring attention to you and only you.

Hairline Flow

You want your hairline to have hair that flows in either direction. This means that it flows inward and outward along with a curved shape that extends across the forehead. Keep in mind, those individual hairs diverge from the hairline by only a few millimeters in either direction, but when it’s undulated, it looks like it’s flowing in random directions. Hair is never “perfect” so this is the type of appearance you want for a natural looking hairline.

Hairlines Have No Pattern

Similar to hair flow, you will want the hairs themselves to be irregular and not all in a fixed pattern. From a distance, a hairline may look uniform, but up close, you’ll find hairs along the hairline and scalp are quite random. Some hairs grow in bunches whiles others are more sparse. So a hairline must have that random, irregular interval of hair growth along the hairline to look “normal.”

Random Hair Thickness

Random hair flow, random hairs and now, random hair thickness. Hairlines tend to be thin and fine and so this is the appearance you’ll want for your hairline. Key, of course, is making sure the thickness and depth vary. Mixing up the density will recreate a natural texture within the hairline.

Random Hairs

Random hairs are individual hairs that are scattered in ways often unrelated to the hairline. Sometimes, they’re left from where the hairline used to exist. In any case, they’re the final touch to reconstructing a precise and authentic front hairline.  These hairs are sparsely scattered along the new hairline to contribute to the appearance of the natural hair growth.

Ultimately, you want your hairline to look natural by having it appear random with depth, fullness, flow and even the individual hairs. Hair isn’t perfect and neither should your hairline if you want a natural hairline. If you'd like to learn more on how we can help you with your hairline, feel free to contact us today