Wedding Hairstyles for Grooms: Look Your Best on Your Day

Wedding Hairstyles for Grooms: Look Your Best on Your Day

The wedding day belongs to both the groom and bride, so why should the latter only have fun experimenting with different hairstyles? You can be dressed in the most attractive of outfits and flaunt the most expensive and classy shoes, but if your hair is wrong, all efforts fall flat. Getting the perfect hairstyle doesn't only mean the following trends – it is also about combining the hottest hairstyle trends around with your sense of style, personality and the look you want to achieve. Check out some of the coolest wedding season hairstyles for the groom! 

Chic undercut 

Undercuts look incredibly dashing, provided you can carry the hairstyle well. Although, undercuts come in different varieties, depending on the volume and exactly how much of a cut you want, you can opt for a mild undercut, if you aren’t feeling too ambitious on your D-Day. It perfectly brings out the sharpness of your face, while highlighting the jawline. 


Needless to say that spikes have ruled the roost when it comes to hairstyles for quite some time, but the trick to get this look is to apply the minimum amount of hair gel to give a casual and playful vibe to your spikes. Before applying gel, it is necessary to decide if you wish to have the hair all combed over towards the back or if a side parting with casual spikes works better for you. For instance, if you have shorter hair, you can easily pull of ruffled spikes – it looks young and peppy! Medium spikes with faded sides are also an option as it strikes the right balance between being a bit funky, while maintaining an aura of sophistication as well. Leave the maximum volume at the centre and keep the hair on both the sides to a minimum. 

Swept-back style 

If you want to look like a total gentleman, the swept-back style is what you need. Make a side parting on your hair, sweep the hair on one side towards the back, and finish up by applying some hair gel so this look is maintained throughout the day. 

Cool side parting 

Love keeping things simple and smooth? Comb out your hair in a tight side parting to make sure there are no loose strands here and there. Apply some hair gel to get that sleek and suave look! 

Long and flowy 

Don’t be under the misconception that long and flowy hairstyles mean you can simply let it loose without doing anything! Moreover, you have to carry it with confidence, because long hair doesn’t suit everyone. So if you feel that you have it in you, give your hair a good brush, leave it open and let it flow. In case you have shorter hair, you have to give time for your hair to grow to a suitable length before opting for this hairstyle.

Messy hair

This is apt for those who don’t wish to put too much effort into their hairstyle – it actually takes zero effort, while injecting a dose of playfulness to your ensemble. Just comb out your hair and run your hands through it in a haphazard manner and voila! You are all set to rock the messy look. However, there is a thin line between looking naturally smart and just plain uninterested, so carry this hairstyle with poise and élan. 

Comb Over style 

Styling wavy hair is always a challenge because you can’t use too much of hair products as it will frizz out the hair, which makes it worse. It is best to keep the style natural, while letting your waves show. Comb over your hair into a side parting and let it remain. 

Side parting with side puff 

If you thought that puff hairstyles are only for women, rest assured, it isn’t so. Although this is not a complete puff, it does resemble one and the technique to get it is also more or less similar. To begin, apply some hair gel to all of your hair, make a side parting and then raise the front part of the broader side to resemble a side puff. All it takes is a few minutes! 

Smoothly gelled 

The concept is simple – don’t skimp out on hair gel; instead of using a bit, put on lots of it on your hair, and make a quick side parting. Comb out the hair to each strand on the broader side, and you get this killer look in a jiffy. 

So if your wedding is coming up in the near future, you have plethora of hairstyles to take your pick from!