Unexpected Causes of Hair Loss: What's Really Happening

Unexpected Causes of Hair Loss: What's Really Happening

You’re starting to see a bit too much hair in your brush. Or maybe your hair is starting to look a bit thin on top.

You’re wondering “why is my hair falling out?” You are not alone, by the time they reach 55 about 85% of men have significantly thinning hair.

You might be causing your hair loss and not even know it. We all know male pattern baldness is genetic. There is more to it than that, like hormones and lifestyle.

Why Is My Hair Falling Out

One of these surprising 5 reasons may be causing your hair loss. Often people damage their hair follicles without knowing it.

Don’t lose hope! At the end, we’ll give you a solution to give you back the look of hair growth.

1. Too Much Testosterone

Your chances of male hair loss increase when your DHT testosterone levels are high. You may also have an increased number of receptors in your hair follicles.

Unfortunately, this is genetic and you’ll need to watch your testosterone intake. Don’t take anabolic steroids.

Don’t use any supplements that aren’t tested and approved by the FDA. Carefully check weight gains supplements.

2. Telogen Effluvium

Stress will make you lose your hair. This could be ongoing stress or a particularly traumatic event.

Your brain reacts to stress by trying to conserve your energy. This makes your hair a non-essential item.

The growing phase of your hair will become shorter. You could notice increased hair loss for up to 3 months after your stressful event.

Stressful events that cause hair loss are things like a death in the family, job loss, or divorce. Once you address your stress level your hair should return to its normal growth pattern.

3. Alopecia Areata

Autoimmune diseases can cause you to lose your hair. Your immune system will attack the hair follicles.

You will find that with this balding you will lose large clumps of hair at one time. It is rare that you will lose all of your hair with alopecia areata.

4. Traction Alopecia

Pulling your hair into tight hairstyles puts stress on the hair root. Braids and cornrows are a common reason for this sort of hair loss.

You might want to rethink that man bun if you’ve been pulling it back tight. Those with thin hair that isn’t as strong are more susceptible.

5. Overexercising

Sure exercising is an important part of staying healthy, but too much of a good thing is not healthy. If you are pushing yourself to the limits every day this can be the reason for your balding.

You need to let your body have time to recover from your exercising. That is why you take rest days.

If you aren’t doing this, your body takes energy from things like hair growth. It uses this energy to “survive” because it can’t keep up with your routine.

What You Can Do

No more wondering why is my hair falling out. Now is the time to fix the problem.

If you experienced stress or are exercising too much, its time to change your lifestyle. Consider changing your hairstyle to prevent further hair loss.

Scalp micropigmentation can fix the areas where you’ve damaged the hair follicles. This non-surgical state of the art pigmenting process gives you a natural look of new hair growth.

This also works wonders for those with hair loss due to alopecia or testosterone. These conditions are not reversible.

Call us today for a free consultation on how we can help you restore your hair today.