5 Hair Loss Myths Uncovered: What You Should Stop Believing

5 Hair Loss Myths Uncovered: What You Should Stop Believing

The process of losing your hair can be difficult and it’s normal to question why it’s happening to you.

The hair loss myths below are just some of the many conclusions people have come to. But if you can understand why it is happening, you can make the best decision for yourself about how to move forward.

Top 5 Hair Loss Myths

1. It’s a Result of Being Old

Many people assume that hair loss happens exclusively as a result of aging but this is not necessarily the case.

Research has shown that the balding process is a combination of many factors including your genes and hormones. In fact, balding can begin occurring as early as your 20s and can be a result of hair loss genetics from either parent.

While it’s common to blame dad, your mother also has genes from her family’s side which can carry the condition too.

2. It Only Happens to Men

This myth is very widespread and is unfortunately based entirely on how women are portrayed by the media.

While muscular, bald men are seen frequently in movies and shows, women are mostly shown as bald if they have an illness or for comedic effect.

In reality, women are literally just as likely as men to experience balding at any stage of their life. Yet because of the social stigma, most women choose to hide it making it hard to visually see how many women are affected in your day to day life.

Another factor is that women don’t tend to go bald via a receding hairline from the front like men which is more noticeable. Instead, it tends to occur at the top and middle of the head.

The main takeaway is that balding is natural for both sexes and it’s normal to want to find ways to cover it to feel more confident.

3. Beware Tight Hats

It’s perfectly normal to want to blame hair loss on something other than bad luck in the gene pool. It’s why the myth surrounding wearing hats too tight has spread so widely.

This is understandable considering hats like caps tend to tug and pull on the front of the head where male baldness tends to happen. In reality, tight hats will only cause you to feel uncomfortable and perhaps sweat a little more.

However, you should be aware that any hairstyle that pulls tightly at the root of the hair such as ponytails and buns can cause hair loss.

4. Stress Causes Hair Loss

This particular myth does carry some truth to it but it is mostly misunderstood.

A bad week at work or an interaction with an annoying stranger won’t cause any issues. However, significant events in your life such as the death of a loved one can cause huge amounts of stress leading to patches of hair on your head to stop growing.

This is not the same as natural, genetic-caused balding so fortunately, it can be alleviated and cured as you heal and get over what happened.

5. It Happens to Men With More Testosterone

Talks of testosterone-related hair loss spread because of the misunderstood results of a scientific study.

In the study, researchers found that increased numbers of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) were present in men experiencing hair loss.

However, DHT is simply a derivative of testosterone and this is where the confusion arose. In multiple studies done with different men, the research has shown baldness to occur in individuals with either high or low levels of testosterone.

It concluded that genetics were again, the most significant factor in determining who would be affected.

There Is a Solution

The hair loss myths listed above are widely believed by many. And while there are many options available to try and stimulate hair to grow back, the results can sometimes be both expensive and disappointing.

That’s why I use the latest Scalp Micropigmentation technology. Instead of trying to overcome genetics, this technique simply, and safely, camouflages the balding area with organic plant-based pigments.

Contact us today to see what it could look like for you and if you have any further questions.