Three Wild Potential Alopecia and Male Pattern Baldness Cures On the Horizon

Three Wild Potential Alopecia and Male Pattern Baldness Cures On the Horizon

Could the answer to baldness be in your platelets? Some scientists think so. Here are a few new options for a potential male pattern baldness cure.

GQ has a list of the 100 most powerful bald men in the world. Included in the list are Voldemort, Stanley Tucci, and Dana White. And while some men may find the list inspirational – enough to embrace their baldness – there will always be men on the other side of the coin.

We’re talking about guys who will do everything to not go completely bald. Or men who hope to grow back the hair they’ve lost.

Now, if you’re one of them, you’re in luck. Here, we’ll discuss three promising treatments, one of which could be the ultimate male pattern baldness cure.


RT1640 is the brainchild of Dr. David Weinstein, a neuroscientist whose specialty is nerve regeneration. What’s interesting is that Weinstein himself lost all of his hair when he hit his mid-50s.

He developed RT1640, a drug compound, for personal reasons. That is, for hair restoration. So what’s in RT1640 exactly?

The three active ingredients in RT1640 are minoxidil, cyclosporine A, and RT175. If you know a bit about hair loss treatments, you may think that this isn’t such a revolutionary baldness cure. After all, minoxidil has been around for a while.

So how is RT1640 different from other topical preparations in the market today? Weinstein believes in this case that 3 are better than 1. Each active ingredient targets a specific biological pathway.

Minoxidil guards against the effects of DHT. Cyclosporine A promotes the growth of new hair. And RT175 encourages stem cell growth.

As of writing, RT1640 is still undergoing clinical trials. But a quick Google search will show you (tip: click on news) that it’s got quite the coverage from media outlets.


CsA or cyclosporine A is actually an immunosuppressive drug used by transplant patients. They take it to lower the likelihood of organ rejection. One of its not-so-serious side effects is unwanted hair growth.

We say not-so-serious because CsA is a very strong drug with severe side effects such as kidney or liver problems. No doctor would prescribe it to you just because you want to try a new baldness cure.

But the good news is a team of researchers from the University of Manchester has isolated SFRP1. This is the protein responsible for the hair growth effects of CsA.

What’s even more amazing is that it’s already available through the osteoporosis drug WAY-316606. It only needs clinical trials to confirm its effectiveness.


Ever heard of vampire facials? Kim Kardashian is a fan, as well as Bar Rafaeli. It’s not as mystical as it sounds though.

The facials aren’t done by vampires. Instead, the procedure uses a client’s own blood to promote the growth of new skin cells.

If you’re going to try the procedure, your blood will be drawn, and placed in a centrifuge to isolate the PRP or platelet-rich plasma. And this is the one that will be applied to your face.

We mention this because as it turns out, PRP doesn’t only promote cell renewal. It’s also a promising hair loss therapy, augmenting the results of hair transplant surgery. However, like RT1640 and CsA, it needs to be further evaluated as a standalone treatment option.

Which Male Pattern Baldness Cure Are You Most Interested in?

Is it RT1640? CsA? Or PRP?

It might be a long wait as these treatments are either undergoing clinical trials or still at the early stages of research. Don’t lose hope, though.

Many people are doing their best to discover or develop the ultimate male pattern baldness cure. You just have to trust the process.

While you’re waiting why not learn more about the cause of hair loss or the facts about male pattern baldness? Or you can also check out our other blog posts for more tips and advice on hair loss. Or simply contact us today to find out how we can help.