How to Keep Your SMP Looking Fresh and Natural

How to Keep Your SMP Looking Fresh and Natural

Scalp micropigmentation is a highly sophisticated procedure of cosmetic pigmentation to restore your hair. To maintain the ink pigmentation you must take care of the scalp or all that time and energy into creating it will slowly deteriorate.

We've created a helpful guide on what to do to maintain your scalp micropigmentation. Follow the guide below and feel free to ask any questions or provide your own tips.

Do not Bath for at Least 10 days: Usage of water on the scalp is strictly prohibited right after the procedure as the healing pigments are applied over the treated area. These pigments contain bacteria that are responsible for stimulating the healing process of the scars. These bacteria take about 4 days to heal the scars. So, after 4 days of the procedure, you can have a light bath without shampoo. You can have a proper bath after 10 days of the procedure.

Do Not Scratch or Pick the Scars: It is commonly observed that the scars appear on the scalp after the procedure of scalp micropigmentation. This happens as needles are used to inject the ink into the second layer of the scalp. As scars is part of the healing process these often appear to be irritating but scratching these scars is dangerous in retaining your artist's work. And scratching the scars can also cause infections. So in case, you feel irritation or itching after the scalp micropigmentation procedure, just take a tissue and place it over the affected area gently and apply a little pressure on it. This will help you to relieve itching and irritation.

Avoid Alcohol based Products: It's a fact that most of the skin care ointments contain Alcohol. The alcohol evaporates and leaves a cool effect on the skin. But after gone through scalp micropigmentation you should avoid using alcohol containing products. These products can cause itching on the scars that really cause discomfort. You can use some neutral tea tree oil enriched soothing lotion.

Apply Ice: After scalp micropigmentation procedure you may feel rashes and burn on the skin. This may result in mild swelling. In order to cope with such condition just crush some ice and apply it on your skin. You can also use Advil or anti-inflammatory to get rid of swelling.

Do not use Exfoliators: Once you are done with the scalp micropigmentation procedure, you shouldn't use cleansers or exfoliators. Retin A and glycolic exfoliators effect the color of the pigment while using these will surely fade the results of the artist. You can use baby shampoo after 3 days and can proper shampoo after 7 days of the procedure.

Avoid Heavy Workouts:  It takes about 5 to 10 days to settle the pigments. Sweating during this duration can cause the pigments to lose their effect and fading. So, after the procedure, you should avoid any kind of physical activity like jogging, gym, yoga, etc but can then resume physical activities after those 10 days have passed.

Avoid Sun Exposure: Exposing your scalp directly to the sun after scalp micropigmentation can cause the effluents to fade. This can also cause itching and burning on your scars. Going out in the sun you should use some insulated fabric so your skin doesn't contact the sun directly.

Avoid Swimming in Chlorinated Water: Chlorine is one of the commonly used disinfectants in swimming pools. But they have a negative impact upon the scalp micropigmentation. The chlorinated water leads to the more absorption of the water in your body. And the chlorine harms the effectiveness of dye pigments.

Avoid Prolonged Use of a Helmet: The usage of helmet is good as per the safety is concerned. But when it comes of scalp micropigmentation, the prolonged usage of it can be harmful. As it can cause sweat on your scalp and resultantly, sweat would affect the effectiveness of the skin dye pigments.

Moisturize Properly: After the scalp micropigmentation procedure, scars and scabs appear on your scalp. These appear due to the usage of needles to inject the dyes in your skin. These scars and scabs often cause itches and irritations. Keeping them moisturized with some quality moisturizer will let you get rid of such problems.

Most importantly of all, if you've worked with a highly trained, highly skilled SMP technician, they will provide you tips as well on how to maintain your newly minted scalp micropigmentation. Make sure to follow their recommendations based on the specific work they did for you. 

If you have any questions or concerns on maintaining your scalp micropigmentation, please give contact us today.