Achieving a Fuller Beard with Scalp Micropigmentation

Achieving a Fuller Beard with Scalp Micropigmentation

Fashion changes with every season and beards have made a comeback. You will find many men sporting beards currently. They look handsome and so having a beard has become the latest trend. However, what will you do if your facial hair lacks thickness?

Some men face facial hair loss due to age or lifestyle but still want to flaunt a beard. For them, SMP has come as a boon. Using this technique, they can sport a thick beard or get the appearance of stubble.

SMP on facial hair is performed by matching the skin tone and facial hair color. The pigments are placed to fill in bald patches. SMP can give you the look of 5 o’clock shadow with a natural beard by evenly blending the stubble.

Create the look you seek with SMP. Be it a full beard or a goatee or a Van Dyke, with SMP you can sport the desired style.

SMP and Beard Transplant – the Latest Trend

Follow the latest trend of getting your hair transplant if you are not happy with your hair. You can even get a facial hair transplant with advanced technology.

SMP is easy and applicable for all. It doesn’t have any side effects and lasts long if taken proper care. Avoiding too much shampooing and exposure to natural elements and being gentle while cleaning the hair is enough to make SMP last for years.

Facial SMP can be used to treat alopecia. Men who are suffering from thinning beards or mustache benefit from it. If your beard is graying due to age, SMP can help you to sport a beard that makes you look younger. With SMP, you can also camouflage acne scars or burns.

Look smart and handsome with a hair transplant. Sport the look you love and win hearts. Use the latest SMP technique to experiment with your hair and beard.