SMP and Skin Complexion: Finding Your Perfect Match

SMP and Skin Complexion: Finding Your Perfect Match

An important factor when considering if scalp micropigmentation is right for you, is the combination of your skin color complexion and hair color. For SMP to appear natural, it must compliment your skin and hair color seamlessly. SMP can be applied for anyone with any color, but how it appears is the ultimate consideration.

Dark Hair and Dark Complexion

For those with naturally thicker hair such as Afro-American, Afro-Caribbean, and African backgrounds and ethnicities, the process of SMP will need to have larger ink SMP follicles. This is because the hair is already thicker and denser and so it must be complemented with the same SMP style. If the SMP follicles are too large, it may look less like hair and more like a flat paint on your scalp, so caution must be taken seriously with a professional, qualified SMP technician such as Zang

Matching a darker pigment with the hair is rather simple because the darker pigment is easier to see on darker complexions. There is less blending involved. It is important to remember that, due to the fact that the pigment will naturally fade, a more defined hairline and style will be required on darker skin.

Light Hair and Light Complexion

Those with fairer hair and skin will have a decision to make regarding the final look of the procedure.

The head could be shaved entirely, leaving no trace of the original hair at all and then introduce a darker pigment through the SMP process. This will give the impression of darker hair and can work well. Caution should be exercised, though – if the hair of your eyebrows is as light as the hair on your head was, then a darker pigment on the scalp could look unnatural and false. 

The other option is to use an extremely light pigment. The only downside to this is that any ink used will fade, and the lighter it is the less easy it will be to see.

Ultimately, those with light skin and hair should consult a qualified SMP technician and consider the options because it is not ideal for those with this hair and skin combination.

Dark Hair and Light Complexion

There is no need to be concerned when the hair is dark on lighter skin. A faded hairline is often used on lighter skin to give a more natural look and so this requires smaller SMP follicles to be applied. SMP will blend naturally with the hair. This may be the ideal hair and skin color combination because it can be faded and thus look the most natural. 

Always consult a well qualified, experienced technician such as Zang for skin and hair color combination concerns and what would best suit your needs. Feel free to call us today for your free consultation.