Correcting SMP Mistakes: How We Can Help

Correcting SMP Mistakes: How We Can Help

If you've had a poorly done scalp micropigmentation procedure, we understand your pain. When all the time, energy, research and money spent to improve your scalp goes wrong, you may feel even worse than prior to SMP.

It's a frustrating experience and you may feel helpless. 

But we can help. We've helped rebuild and restore scalp micropigmentation for several of our clients and can do the same for you.

How We Help Repair a Failed SMP Procedure

There are two options to help fix a poorly performed SMP process.

  • If the tattoo ink is not too dark where there is room to work around on the scalp, the SMP can be applied to blend around the areas to make everything look uniform. Before trying this solution, we typically have the clients wait a couple months to see if the ink deposits fade or lighten up and then decide if filling in should be done or not.  
  • The next choice is to have the client remove the poorly done SMP from their scalp via laser. Once the laser removal sessions are completed, we can then apply the new SMP about 6 - 8 weeks after the ink SMP removal from the scalp.

Regarding the laser removal process, here are the steps involved for your reference. 

  • Q-Switched lasers are used to remove the defective scalp micropigmentation.
  • The defective area is induced directly under the lasers so that the pigment absorbs the heat.
  • The pigment gets heated and breaks down into tiny particles. 
  • The residual is removed by the immune system itself. 
  • The surrounding of the follicles remains unaffected. 
  • The poor graded scalp micropigmentation fades away after this procedure.
  • This procedure usually completes in about 3 - 7 sessions depending how much removal needs to be done.

Also, here's a video we made of one of our clients having SMP removed from his scalp so we could then correct it for him. 

Feel free to call us today if you have any questions or concerns if you've had a poor result with your SMP.