Natural Ways to Prevent Baldness and Keep Hair Healthy

Natural Ways to Prevent Baldness and Keep Hair Healthy

Modern men are getting conscious, and self-aware of their looks and a more significant part of what plays into this is their scalps. Nowadays, it's in every man to look into every possible hair loss remedy, mainly if they exhibit signs of balding. It may not hit you now, but you're sure to re-visit the topics into your 30's. It serves as a consolation to know there are alternatives out there once things go south up there.

Despite the existence of a myriad of hair loss treatment regimes out there, one can still combat balding through natural means as described below:

Diet Supplements

Supplementing one's diet with essential vitamins can aid in fighting hair loss. Biotin always gets mentioned in this vein. However, there are other vitamins, namely, Nutrafol and Viviscal, that can also provide the much-needed nutrients for hair growth. Viviscal promotes the production of vitamin b and zinc while Nutrafol vitamin comprises of saw palmetto, marine collagen and ashwagandha. Marine collagen has vitamin b, saw palmetto inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT while ashwagandha reduces inflammation.


Stress comes across as a significant culprit in promoting hair loss. Once stressed, the body produced an autoimmune response which attacks the hair follicles leading to excess shedding. The hormones get released by our bodies during stressing periods hamper the hair follicle from regenerating hair causing dormancy. Minimizing stress is dependent on an individual. Exercising, ample rest coupled with a healthy diet goes a long way in preventing hair loss. 

Get Rid of Bad Habits

Dermatologists explain that habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake play a significant role during hair loss. As much as you're stressed, hitting the bottle is a sure way of increasing your hair loss chances. Many of the ordinary things we usually do, such as excessively shampooing or a lack of shampooing may also result in hair loss. Shampooing twice weekly with the recommended shampoo for thinning hair should suffice.

Although natural ways produce the desired effects albeit too late, modern methods such a medication regime like Minoxidil and Rogaine prove to be a popular choice, though mired by controversies. Male sexual impotence comes across as the main one. It strikes a chord of fear among men that they could lose their sexual power though not conclusively researched. Is there hope for men?

Scalp MIcropigmentation

Relax guys. You can still regain your confidence and always look sexy for that sassy lady you've been eyeing out. You don't need to sacrifice your prized possession after all. By undergoing scalp micropigmentation, you'll sort out your balding issues permanently. It is a non-intrusive, fast-healing procedure that involves the addition of natural pigmentation in the scalp. It creates a visual illusion of a full head by creating hair follicles that seamlessly falls in place with the rest of your receding hairline or the affected spots. 

The treatment process typically takes place two to three times, depending on the severity of balding and lasts up to eight years. However, one should adhere to the practitioner's instructions, such as avoiding direct contact with the sun during the onset of the procedure to ensure effectiveness.

Further, caution and due diligence need exercising in employing the services of a qualified practitioner since its effects are long-term. You don't want to mess up your scalp, do you? 


Balding comes across as not being one's cup of tea. However, it doesn't mean that one has to live with its constant bashing of one's ego as there exist various treatment options. It boils down to one's individual preference and the promptness of the results you seek.