Creative Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Experiencing Hair Loss

Creative Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Experiencing Hair Loss

Receding hair lines for a person generally dampen their confidence so they feel down and self-conscious, but you can ensure that your loved ones don’t feel that way. All you need are a few innovative hair loss gift ideas for the holidays, so you can bring a smile to their face and cheer them up!

Here are some great ideas for the holidays. 

Themed T Shirts 

Who says baldness needs to be hidden? Encourage the recipient to flaunt it with pride and confidence – tees come with funny captions like “Bald to be Wild”, “No Hair Don’t Care”, “Bald and Badass”, etc. that take quirkiness to a whole new level altogether. If a loved one is suffering from cancer and has experienced hair loss, you can gift them a tee with an inspirational tagline so they can face their condition without sinking into despair.

Beanies and Hats

When the weather turns cold, you need to feel warm and cozy on the inside, which is why you need cute beanies, soft hats with faux fur pom poms, and berets! Beanies are amazing winter style and functional at the same time. They are breathable, and apt for wearing on their own or as a liner under woolly hats and helmets. Berets look incredibly chic, as they can be worn with formal clothing as well, to give the ensemble a funky twist. And if you are sure about the recipient’s tastes, go ahead with a faux fur pom pom hat – they will love your gesture! The best part is these can cover up hair loss if someone isn’t comfortable with it.

Silk Scarves 

A beautiful hand painted scarf is a great way to cover your head. Whether it is worn at home while entertaining friends, or out in public, it is a fantastic gift of beauty for someone experiencing hair loss. Often, as hair grows back in, it grows from the crown out, so those silk scarves can be worn as wide headbands as the hair grows from back to front, finally filling in at the original hairline. You can even get silk scarves that are already knotted so you don’t have to bother about loops and ties. These are lightweight and come with a soft stretch band that wraps comfortably around the head.


The reasons for hair loss can be many such as alopecia, cancer, etc. but that is no excuse of near and dear ones not being able to enjoy the holidays. A synthetic wig closely resembling their natural hair, or in another hair color, is just what they need to boost confidence. Wigs can be worn during parties or playing sports – premium quality wigs are sturdy and long-lasting, while sitting securely on their heads without coming loose. You can even get wigs made of real human hair in a variety of textures and hair styles.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can easily find a number of options online when it comes to hair loss gift ideas for the holidays.