Five Critical Propecia Side Effects Every Man Should Consider

Five Critical Propecia Side Effects Every Man Should Consider

Consider These Propecia Side Effects Before Starting Treatment

Thinking about trying Propecia or Finasteride? Make sure you understand the side effects first. The most common side effects might shock you.

Male pattern baldness is one of those conditions that affects so many people, but that so many of us are embarrassed by. Losing your hair feels like a very personal thing. We associate it with poor health and aging and, when it happens, we want a solution that gets results.

Propecia, along with Rogaine, is a drug that has been on the market for use in treating hair loss for many years. Approved in 1997, it’s a brand unto itself and synonymous with hair loss treatment.

But what Propecia side effects should you look out for? Is it safe for continued use? Join us today for five of the most common side effects of this hair loss drug, for a better overall picture.

Inability To Achieve Or Maintain An Erection

One of the more common side effects of Propecia comes in the form of erectile dysfunction. Finasteride, the chief ingredient, does its work by affecting male hormone activity.

As it gets to work in your body, it helps to prevent your hair follicles from aging. In some cases, however, the same process negatively impacts the hormones that keep your erections firm. Moreover, it can also decrease your libido and sexual drive, overall.

Prostate Cancer

A less common but more serious side effect of the Propecia Finasteride medication makeup is prostate cancer. And what’s interesting about this side effect is that Propecia actually has a less direct relationship with it than you might expect.

Research into Finasteride side effects shows that men taking the drug actually have a smaller chance of prostate cancer. However, when cancer does develop, it tends, statistically, to be more aggressive on average.


Moving along to some of the less common and less serious side effects of Propecia use, we find skin rashes. These tend to occur much less frequently and are usually accompanied by swelling of the lips and face.

Patients experiencing this side effect may, in extreme cases, develop itchy skin, hives, or welts as well.

Enlarged Breasts

In women and a very small number of men, one of the finasteride 5 mg side effects is a swelling or enlargement of the breast area. This part of the body may become extremely sensitive, as well.

Hypersensitivity Drug Reaction

Finally, for those wondering “how common are Propecia side effects, anyway?” the truth is they can be as common or as rare as your body allows. One risk you run with the use of Propecia is the occurrence of hypersensitivity drug reactions. This is where the immune system reacts inappropriately to a specific drug, in much the same way as an allergic reaction.

Common examples include mild rashes, sneezing, or anaphylaxis, which will require emergency attention.

Propecia Side Effects: The More You Know…

Propecia is one of the most well-known treatments for male pattern baldness, so you’d assume it would be much safer than it is. The truth is, however, that just like many other drugs on the market, it carries with it a certain amount of risk. While every person is different, it’s our recommendation that you research propecia side effects thoroughly before purchasing.

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