Everything You Need to Know About Semi-Permanent Makeup

Everything You Need to Know About Semi-Permanent Makeup

Do you know the difference between permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup?

From the sound of it, permanent makeup never goes away and semi-permanent eventually washes off.


In fact, it’s important to understand that neither of these treatments can be washed off.

But Semi Permanent Makeup Allows for More Flexibility

Any semi-permanent or permanent makeup is applied through a process that’s similar to (but not the same as) tattooing.

But unlike the traditional carbon-based tattoo ink used in the past for permanent makeup, there are newer pigments now specially formulated for the face and head.

This is important because the skin on the face and head is different than on other parts of the body.

These specially formulated inks – which are often plant-based and organic – fade in a subtle way that allows them to be adjusted over time.

The Most Effective Applications

When you hear the term “makeup,” you probably think this applies mostly to women. But these makeup solutions are great for men too. 

Especially the first one.

1. Scalp

Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, is a completely non-surgical procedure that instills confidence for both men and women experiencing hair loss. Through this procedure, pigments are deposited into the scalp to reproduce the appearance of natural hair follicles.  

Plus, all forms of scarring can be camouflaged with SMP by blending them in with the overall look. 

2. Brows

Just under the scalp are the highly coveted brows. And these days, microblading is the way to go. Plus, practitioners are constantly creating new techniques.

One such technique is microfeathering. This process creates natural looking hair so if there are any gaps in the brow, they can be filled. Another is ombré where the brow is sharper toward the arch, but then more faded towards the front. This creates depth.  

With all procedures, brows need to stay dry for at least two days. 

3. Instant Freckles/Beauty Marks

There’s something about a sprinkling of freckles across the face that’s so cute. And beauty marks make a glamorous statement.

But not everyone comes by either of these naturally. And those who do are often subjected to the damaging effects of the sun to get them.

That’s all bypassed with freckle/beauty mark tattoos. The biggest drawback with this procedure is that once the tattoos are applied, they need to be kept dry for a week.

4. Lips

Lip blush creates the illusion of thicker lips by using a dark shade around the lip line that’s blended with a softer shade in the middle. There is almost no color in the center.

This leaves a beautiful hue so that most days there’s no need for lipstick. 

5. Lashes

Semi-permanent eyeliner has long been the go-to. But a new procedure uses a machine to place small micro-droplets of pigment between each lash. 

It’s softer in appearance than liner and gives lashes a thick and lustrous look. Just like with the brows though, they need to be kept dry for at least 48 hours afterward.

Move Forward with Confidence

Keeping up your appearance is much less maintenance with the use of semi-permanent makeup. And it allows you to change it as you change. 

So why not give it a try?

And if you’re dealing specifically with hair loss and are interested in finding out more about scalp micropigmentation, please contact us. We’re the premier practitioners in this procedure.