Early Warning Signs of Male Pattern Baldness and How to Act

Early Warning Signs of Male Pattern Baldness and How to Act

Does your dad or grandfather have male pattern baldness? Are you worried that you might be the next one having it? The best way to prevent baldness is to check the signs early so you can treat it fast, and if you are thinking you are too young to develop any signs of baldness you need to know that around the age of 35 two thirds of American men start to experience some type of hair loss. These are some early signs of male pattern baldness that you need to keep an eye on. The process of losing hair can take years so noticing these signs is key to prevent them from getting worse.

Signs of Balding

Changes In Your Hairline

One of the first signs of baldness is a receding hairline that usually starts around the temples, you are going to notice how the hair is getting thinner before falling out. You can look at pictures of yourself from a year ago to notice if you have lost some hair in the hairline. Check if you have an "M" shaped hairline or a horseshoe hairline shape.

Hair Thinning

The next part that suffers hair thinning the most after the hairline is the crown, and unlike the hairline is harder to notice when you are losing hair in the crown because it is not a part of your head you can easily see. You can also experience hair thinning in other parts of your hair. You can compare pictures from months ago, or ask a relative or friend to check if you are experiencing any type of hair thinning in those parts you can't easily see.

Excessive Hair Loss

We all lose hair after brushing or showering, but an excessive amount of hair loss is a sign to be worried about. We lose around 100 hairs, this process is normal and is called "hair shedding" and the excessive hair shedding doesn't necessarily mean you are in the initial stage of male pattern baldness, sometimes it can happen due to high-stress levels or a poor diet. However, if you are not suffering stress and you have a healthy diet it could be an early sign of baldness.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

  • Genetics: If your father and grandfather have male pattern baldness you are more prone to experiencing it.
  • A poor diet and protein deficiency: Although this can't cause the baldness by itself it is able to make it worse and increase the hair.
  • Stress: Increases hair loss.

What You Can Do To Reduce Hair Loss

Scalp micropigmentation is one of the most advanced treatments in terms of reducing hair loss. It doesn't stimulate hair growth, but it does create the illusion of having hair follicles. The process is like getting a tattoo in your scalp because it uses an electronic tattoo device. The practitioner is going to use tiny dots to recreate the appearance of a hair follicle. It isn't as expensive as other treatments like hair transplant, and it is semipermanent, lasts around 8 years,