The Side Effects of Scalp Micropigmentation: What to Consider

The Side Effects of Scalp Micropigmentation: What to Consider

Scalp Micropigmentation inserts pigments by penetrating needles into the scalp. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Following are the causes of side effects from Scalp Micropigmentation:  

  • Inexperienced practitioner
  • Poor quality pigments
  • Unsanitized tools or environment
  • Allergies from pigments
  • Sun exposure
  • Early shower
  • Early moisturizing

Inexperienced Practitioner

It requires a great skill to insert pigments in the scalp. The practitioner should be experienced in this field and must have the proper knowledge of this treatment. He/she should know how deep pigments should be inserted and how to handle the needles properly. An inexperienced practitioner can mess up the process which can cause serious problems. Always check the certificate of your practitioner before getting Scalp Micropigmentation.

Poor Quality Pigments

In Scalp Micropigmentation, pigments are inserted in the scalp. Poor quality pigments can react to the skin and cause skin problems. The ink to be used in Scalp Micropigmentation should be of best quality so that it can last longer and not cause any harm to the skin.

Un-Sanitized Tools

As Scalp Micropigmentation is a surgical treatment for hair loss, the environment should be sanitized properly. The tools that are used in this treatment should be of best quality and should be sterilized properly before use; especially needles, as they penetrate in the scalp to insert pigments. Otherwise, the germs on the tools or in the air can get inside the skin and can cause different skin problems.


The ink involved in Scalp Micropigmentation may have some substances that some people are allergic to. Tell your practitioner if you have allergy to anything so that precautionary measures can be taken before performing the treatment. Otherwise it can later cause problems.


After Scalp Micropigmentation, we advise our clients to avoid shampooing for at least a week. Scalp Micropigmentation inserts needles in your scalp that will give you scabs on your skin. Your scalp needs some time to heal those scabs. Shampoos have many chemical substances that can penetrate the skin through these scabs which can cause itching, inflammation or other serious problems.

Early Showering

As we have discussed earlier, your scalp needs time to heal. If you moist your scalp early after Scalp Micropigmentation, the scabs will not heal properly and it will also affect the pigmentation that you have just received. This is the reason we advise our clients to avoid shower, swimming, saunas and hot baths. You can take a light shower after 3 days of your treatment and the rest should be continued after a week.

Early Moisturizing

After your treatment, you should avoid using any kind of moisturizers like lotions or creams because they have chemicals in them. As your scalp needs some time to heal, these chemicals can penetrate the skin through the insertions and can cause many problems.

Sun Exposure

As we all know exposure to the sun is not good for our skin. After Scalp Micropigmentation treatment, we advise our clients to avoid exposure to sunlight. Sunlight has UV radiations that react to the skin and can cause skin problems even skin cancer. Excessive exposure to the Sun can also fade the pigmentations. Try to avoid early exposure to sunlight and after a week, use sunscreen before going out. It will protect your scalp from harmful UV radiations.