Varieties of Scalp Micropigmentation: Which One Is for You?

SMP Scar concealment

Baldness or hair loss is never the same for two people. Although mostly it is due to male pattern baldness, sometimes various other factors can also contribute to hair loss. For some people, hair loss is a result of poor diet or malnutrition while for others it is simply genetics. However, it is important to point out the true reason for your hair loss so that you can get treated accordingly.

There can be a lot of possibilities and a lot of different patterns of your hair loss. It can be any of the following:

  • Hair starts thinning around the temple
  • Hair starts to fall out from random places
  • Frontline starts to recede
  • Crown area becomes visible due to excessive hair fall
  • Scar tissues form due to some reason preventing hair from growing out

Regardless of any signs of hair loss that you are showing, knowing how you can get it treated is vital. Scalp Micropigmentation is meant for those who have suffered or are suffering from hair loss. It is not designed to cover only a specific type of baldness but is known for treating various balding patterns. Zang SMP provides you with just that. We have well-trained physicians who are well reputed for their incredible work and client satisfaction. No matter where you are losing hair from, we can get it covered for you at Zang SMP.


At Zang SMP, following are some different SMP procedures you can choose from according to your condition and preferences:

Density fix

The first-ever sign of balding besides excessive hair fall is thinning of hair from various parts. It can be around your temple or at the front line which makes your scalp very visible and makes it difficult for you to style it even a bit. If this is the case, you can ask the physician to add density to your hair. The physician will add pigments of different color shades that are identical to your natural hair color to make your hair look thicker and fuller. Scalp Micropigmentation is capable of fully restoring your density, giving your hair an even look. There are two options for density fix you can choose from:

  • Adding density (crown area)
  • Adding density (thinning hair)

Creating new hairline

If you are suffering from a receding hairline that makes your forehead bigger over time, then do not stress because Scalp Micropigmentation can fix that. You can ask our physician for your desired hairline. It can be similar to the natural hairline that you had before you started to go bald or it can be completely new. It all depends on your preferences. 

Scar treatment

If due to some reason, you have scar tissues on your scalp and are looking for a solution to cover it up, this technique can help you. Scalp Micropigmentation can cover up your scars with pigments making it look even with the rest of your head. In this case, our physician will inject pigments on and around the scar to naturally conceal it. Through this technique, you can also cover scars from hair transplants.

Every client has different needs and preferences. If you are not able to choose a style or a treatment, you can consult your physician to have some ideas and recommendations.