Considering a Toupee? Understand the Pros and Cons

Considering a Toupee? Understand the Pros and Cons

Some men choose to deal with their hair loss by buying hair pieces, but there are some facts to consider first. Here are the pros and cons you need to know.

Hair loss…some of us don’t even think about it. But for 35 million men and 21 million women, it’s something they deal with every day.

Nobody wants to be bald! Yes, I said it. In fact, people who are going bald are more likely to suffer from psychological problems like low self-esteem, depression or even anxiety.

Can hairpieces for thinning hair be the answer? A toupee perhaps? Scalp micropigmentation? Some men like the idea of an instant fix. Bring on the hairpiece.

Just like everything else in life, there are some things to consider before buying a toupee. Here are the pros and cons you need to know.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Hairpieces

If you are considering a fix for your hair loss problem, one solution is a hair toupee.

What’s Good?

You’ve seen the hairpiece jokes on sitcoms and the articles claiming to know which celebrities wear a toupee, but there are some pros to hairpieces.

Immediate Solution

Once you choose the color, style, and type of hairpiece you desire, boom, you’re done. You just put it on your head. There is no waiting for a hair transplant treatment results, no going back for additional medical therapy treatments, no worries that go along with a surgical solution.

No Daily Styling Time

Your toupee already has a style. You don’t have to spend time on a daily basis styling “your hair”. Just shower and fix it on your head.

It will need attention now and then, but not every single day.

Fairly Inexpensive Initial Costs

Depending on which type of hairpiece you choose, the initial cost is much lower than other types of hair loss alternatives.

You may not have the money to pay the thousands of dollars for a hair transplant, but can pay for a wig and deal with the other costs associated with wigs, which include washing, repairing and replacing, over time.

No Monthly Visits to the Barber or Hair Salon

Your synthetic fiber hairpiece will not need to be cut or colored. Not having to worry about such things frees up time and saves money!

The Downside of Hairpieces

While hairpieces can certainly give you an immediate solution to your hair loss problem, they do come with some cons.

Can Look Unnatural

The synthetic fibers are often too shiny, looking unnatural. If you’re trying to hide the fact that you are wearing a hairpiece, this and the too-perfect volume many give it away.

Can Develop an Odor

Body oils tend to build up under toupees and there is a tendency for bacteria to grow on the skin underneath. You’ll have to be fastidious in keeping everything clean to combat the likelihood of developing an odor.


Hairpieces come with a few worries. Is it going to fly away in a strong wind? Is someone going to notice that I’m wearing a “rug”? Is someone going to touch my hair?

These questions might be on your mind especially in social situations.

Are You Losing Your Hair?

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