Fighting Thinning Hair Without Resorting to Medication

Fighting Thinning Hair Without Resorting to Medication

No one wants to deal with hair loss. Unfortunately, everyone will experience it at some point in their life. For some, hair loss is genetic and irreversible. For others, hair loss is temporary, but can still be a frustrating and embarrassing occurrence. Today, there are many different solutions for combating hair loss available, including hair loss medication.

Many people turn to medication to help with their hair loss. However, are hair loss medications really the best choice? The truth is, even the most popular hair loss medications can come with some undesirable side effects. These can range from severe skin irritation to erectile dysfunction. What’s worse, you need to continue taking these medications indefinitely in order for them to remain effective.

The truth is, medication is not your only choice when it comes to fighting hair loss. There are many natural avenues you can explore first. These “remedies” do not come with the same adverse side effects of hair loss medication. Yet, they can be very effective.

Natural Alternatives to Hair Loss Medication


Changing the way you eat can go a long way in slowing down or even reversing your hair loss. Many times, hair loss is due to some type of imbalance within our body. Being conscious about what you eat can ensure that your body has all the nutrients necessary to keep your hair strong and healthy. Diets rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids are the building block of a healthy scalp.


In most cases, you should be able to get all the nutrients you need from the healthy foods you eat every day. Vitamin A, for example, which is essential to hair growth can be found in things like carrots and spinach. However, if you’re afraid you’re not getting all the vitamins you need from your regular diet, you might consider adding a multivitamin to your regimen. For a healthy head of hair, you will want to look for a vitamin that provides your daily recommended dose of Vitamins A, B12, iron, calcium, zinc, and magnesium.


It may sound funny, but an occasional scalp massage is actually very beneficial to your hair follicles. Mix a few drops of essential oils such as rosemary or lavender mixed with coconut oil and slowly massage it into your scalp. This not only serves to stimulate underperforming hair follicles, but it will also moisturize your hair, protecting it from breakage. You can leave the oil mixture in your hair for about thirty minutes before washing it out.

When Hair Loss is Not Reversible

Unfortunately for some, hair loss can be slowed down but not stopped completely. Typically, if the cause of your hair loss is genetics, you will likely continue to struggle with thinning hair for a lifetime. However, you do have other options. Scalp Micropigmentation, for example, helps bald men achieve the appearance of a freshly shaven head. SMP helps men and women struggling with hair loss regain their confidence in their appearance. To learn more about Scalp Micropigmentation, contact our office to schedule a consultation.