Why Comb-Overs Aren’t the Solution to Hair Loss

Why Comb-Overs Aren’t the Solution to Hair Loss

Hair loss. 

Once it starts and all solutions for hair restoral fail, most people are left with two options: either try a comb over or get their head shaved.

The worst option is the comb over. Some people think that a comb over will hide their baldness but the result is completely the opposite. It actually magnifies and draws attention to baldness by poorly covering up what is not there. 

Why do the people choose comb over?

People choose the comb over because they think that they can fool everyone including themselves, hiding their scalp beneath long strands "combed over" the balding scalp. But the reality is totally different. The long hair strands actually bring attention to baldness because it doesn't look natural. And when something doesn't look natural, we look closer and thus the masquerade is revealed. 

How Comb Overs Make Hair Loss Look Worse

Besides looking unnatural and fake, comb overs subconsciously communicate a deep insecurity from the man styling it. It means the man is afraid to reveal his true self and this type of projection to the world is crippling. Men are supposed to be seen as strong and confident and this projection is turned into fraud when his comb over is revealed. Especially for women, they find a man that cannot bear to show who he truly is, as weak and insecure - and they are right.

Another problem with comb overs is its delicate care and maintenance. One strong wind and the mirage evaporates to reveal the truth to all. And the preparation it takes to carefully curate the charade can take valuable time for any man's morning that simply shouldn't be worth the trouble. 

Ultimately, men should avoid the comb over for their own sake. Its best to show the world who you are and be proud of it. Shave your head, keep it close cropped and move forward with your life.

If you do decide to crop it, then consider scalp micropigmentation. It's ideal for those with shaved heads. Learn more about scalp micropigmentation here or give us a call today for a free consultation.