Buzz Cut vs Comb Over | Which Is Better?

Buzz Cut vs Comb Over | Which Is Better?

When our hair starts to the thin, a decision needs to be made: keep it high and tight with a buzz cut or keep it long and comb over the bald, thinning spots. 

While both provide solutions, we think one is the much better option: the buzz cut. 

Here are our reasons below:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Attractive and Trendy
  • Gives a Clean, Simple Look
  • The Ultimate Solution for Hair Loss
  • Highly Defined Hairline
  • Save Money From Frequent Hair Cuts

Low Maintenance: Today, there's a shortage of time for everyone. Maintaining a complicated, time consuming comb over doesn't help. Each strand must be carefully placed and then held in place. A stiff wind or if someone accidentally displaces the carefully curated style, it then has to be done all over again, preferably in the privacy of your own home. Not a public mirror or restroom. And when you're exposed for the comb over, there's no measure with the embarrassment that comes with it. A buzz cut, however, doesn't need any maintenance other than regular clippings such as once every few days or once a week, depending on the preferred length and the amount of thinning hair or hair loss.

Attractive and Trendy: As much as we'd like to deny it, your appearance determines your financial status, your career, and everything associated with it. Physically attractive individuals are usually successful in whatever their ambitions may be. Of course hard work goes along with this, but people tend to favor the attractive. Having a comb over hairstyle doesn't project beauty, but insecurity. It means you're hiding something you're ashamed of. This subconsciously conveys this same message to others and therefore, they will find you unattractive. A buzz cut, however, shows you are unafraid and you embrace whatever hair loss you may have. It's all out in the open and you simply don't care because of your inner confidence. This also gets communicated to others. According to a study, the buzz cut is 13% more attractive than those who comb over. 

The Ultimate Solution for Hair loss: According to the studies, about 50% of people face some kind of baldness in the middle phase of their age. This happens due to some diseases, hereditary, or depression. They spend a lot money and energy to maintain their hair. But the fact is when you look attractive in buzz cut those struggles tend to disappear. And if you are facing any kind of baldness and want a solution for it, consider scalp micropigmentation. You can achieve the attractive buzz cut while giving the appearance of having no bald or thin spots. 

Highly Defined Hairline: Receding hairline is a common problem. It starts to develop with the passage of the age. Commonly, it is observed that the hairline starts receding in the late '30s. The middle hairs remain closer to the forehead but the side hairline moves back and back. It results in the formation of a V-shaped hairline known as "Widow's Peak". It happens due to problems like alopecia or hair thinning. The sides and back of the hairs become completely or partially bald. In case of partial hairs, those are useless. Then the only solution that remains is scalp micropigmentation. You can restore your hairline and no one will notice with its natural, simple results. A comb over could work for bald spots, but it cannot give the appearance of a hairline because the long hairs would have to be combed forward giving an awkward, staged appearance attracting unwanted attention.

Save Money From Frequent Hair Cuts: Maintaining a comb over means maintaining your hair length and a complicated hair style as some hairs need to be kept long while the rest at a "normal" length. This means frequent haircuts from someone that is capable of providing this hair style and this can become quite expensive. According to research, the average haircut of a man costs about $25 while that of a woman exceeds $35. Hence, scalp micropigmentation and the buzz cut style would provide a less expensive alternative as well less maintenance as noted earlier. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding scalp micropigmentation and how to achieve the ideal buzz cut, feel free to contact us today.