Am I a Good Candidate for Scar Concealment?

Am I a Good Candidate for Scar Concealment?

Men with cranial scarring may feel self-conscious or embarrassed when they look in the mirror and realize their thinning hair is exposing the scars more prominently.

By the age of 50, nearly 85% of men will experience some form of hair loss and while many of them may want to shave their head to address the issue, those who have scars as a result of injury or surgical procedure will be reluctant to go that route for fear of displaying these scars out in the open.

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) can help men with thinning or shedding hair address the issue more discreetly through scar concealment. But what is the criteria by which someone may be considered a good candidate for this form of SMP treatment? Let's review the basics:

What is Scar Concealment?

Using the scalp micropigmentation procedure, scar concealment is a method by which cranial scars can be partially or completely concealed by shading the skin over and around the area where the scar is located through implanting special plant-based pigments into the top layer of skin, much in the same way a tattoo is applied.

The pigments are permanently injected into the surface of the scalp to replicate the appearance of hair follicles and blend seamlessly with the existing hair surrounding the scar. To the naked eye, it appears as if the scar is covered by hair follicles that have been shorn to a buzzcut.

For clients who are dealing with hair loss or thinning hair near the scar, the SMP treatment can also add density to make it look as if the hair is thicker and fuller.

Who is a Good Candidate for Scar Concealment?

For starters, anyone with a cranial scar who feels self-conscious about others seeing it may decide to have scalp micropigmentation to conceal the scar. But SMP treatment is most effective with clients who are also experiencing thinning hair or bald spots at or near the site of the scar.

This way the SMP treatments can appear more natural and blend in more easily with the surrounding hair. Your practitioner will review the pigment shades and colors that are available to find the exact color to match your existing hair.

Who is Not a Good Candidate for Scar Concealment?

The practitioner will examine the scar to determine if concealment will be successful. If the scar has a particularly rough and aggressive texture, the pigments may be tough to implant properly. There are other factors that could disqualify someone from being a candidate for scar concealment through SMP, including clients with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis and clients with keloidal scarring. In both instances, the skin can fail to retain the pigments and the scar will not be concealed fully nor will it look natural.

Can Scalp Micropigmentation Conceal Hair Transplant Scars?

Common hair transplant techniques such as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) require invasive methods that result in scarring along the back of the head and in various locations where donor hair has been harvested.

Sometimes these methods work, sometimes they do not. But in just about every instance, the scalp can become scarred from the surgical removal of tissue. Scalp micropigmentation is an ideal solution for concealing these scars and addressing your hair loss problems that led to the transplants in the first place.

Does the SMP Technique for Scar Concealment Hurt?

Every client has a different threshold for pain. Some may feel discomfort or pain during the procedure, some may find it no more painful than getting a tattoo. It's really up to the individual. But we take every precaution to keep the client safe and comfortable, so please alert your practitioner if you need to take a break during the SMP treatment session and manage your discomfort.

Are You Ready to Take the First Step?

Scar concealment can make a significant difference in your appearance and this can be a life-changing step. SMP treatments have restored self-confidence in many of our clients and we want you to love the way you look in the mirror. If you are ready to take the first step towards a new you with scar concealment, give us a call today to schedule a consultation. ZangSMP is ready to help.