Essential Insights into Male Pattern Baldness

Essential Insights into Male Pattern Baldness

In a nutshell, male pattern baldness is when your hair progressively thins out over time. For some people, it begins along the temples, then starts to recede along the hairline. Afterward, the hair at your crown and even the back of your head begins to fall away.

Let’s take a look at five facts you should know about with male pattern baldness.

1. It Affects Women As Well

Sure, it’s called male pattern baldness, but it’s a condition that also affects 40% of women by the time they’re 40 years old. The reason behind the hair loss is believed to be due to an excess of DHT, which is a hormone produced by testosterone.

Both men and women produce varying levels of testosterone. However, since women produce less, they’re at less of a risk of balding than men.

2. Genetics Play a Role

About 14% of men who struggle with pattern balding have genetic variations that make them more prone to the condition. There will have to be more testing to determine why this occurs.

3. Half Your Hair Falls Out Before It’s Noticeable

Men tend to not notice their hair is falling out until about half of it is gone. This goes to show how gradually the hair falls out over time. By this time, you begin to notice you’re seeing more of your scalp than usual.

Or you may have friends, family, or even a hairdresser pointing it out to you.

4. Some Men Lose Hair Before 21

Again, male baldness doesn’t always begin when you’re middle-aged. About a quarter of the men that witness pattern balding aren’t even 21 years old yet. This is why young men should be on the lookout for extra hair in their brush and in the shower to pinpoint when it starts.

At this point, you can seek treatment to help prevent going bald.

5. It Affects Self-Esteem

The way you look in the mirror (and to others) plays a big role in the perceptions of ourselves. When men and women start losing their hair, it can make them feel unattractive and abnormal.

This is especially true if they’re the only one in their family or circle of friends dealing with the issue. It’s important to educate yourself about male balding for this reason. The more you know, the more you can do something about it.

It may even help with building your confidence.

Do Something About Male Baldness

If you’re currently battling with male baldness, there’s hope. There are treatment options to help improve your appearance and boost your confidence.

At Zang SMP, we offer scalp micropigmentation procedures, which can help fill in baldness so that it looks as though you have denser hair naturally.

If you’d like to learn more about this option, feel free to contact us today for your free consultation.