Busting Four Common Myths About Hair Loss

Busting Four Common Myths About Hair Loss
What’s fact and what’s fiction? Read more to learn about the 4 most popular myths about hair loss that have long since been debunked!


Nobody wants to lose their hair, and depending on your character you may be unwilling to admit it is happening to you. 

However, there are a lot of untruths surrounding hair loss, which people should be aware of. 

After all, hair loss is something that affects 65 million men and women. The real facts about this issue need to be known. 

Keep reading to learn the four most popular myths about hair loss. 

1. Baldness is Inherited from Your Parents

One of the interesting facts about hair loss is that it is not specifically a genetic condition. It is termed as a polygenic condition. This is something brought on by multiple genes rather than a single one.

This means while statistics will show baldness can run in the family, there is no scientific proof that it is directly inherited from either parent. 

2. Pulling Out Grey Hairs Encourages Grey Growth 

One of the facts about hair is that plucking at greys does not encourage more of them to sprout up. 

Does this mean you should pluck out your grey hairs? No. It isn’t ideal, and continued practice of this can cause permanent damage to the hair follicles, and result in a baldness condition called Traction Alopecia. 

What it does mean is that should you find a stray hair just before you head out on the town and feel the need to get rid of it, you can do without fear of coming home with a head full. 

3. Hair Loss is an Age-Related Condition 

For a long time, people assumed that baldness was directly related to age. However, it has been proven that this is not the case. In fact, roughly a quarter of men will first start showing signs of hair loss while they are still in their twenties. 

To further debunk this once balding truth, it is reported that the earlier baldness starts, the more severe it will be. 

4. Wearing Baseball Caps Will Make You Go Bald 

A lot of people sai that wearing baseball caps contributes to baldness. This is not correct. Baseball caps cover your hair, sure, but they do not affect the roots or follicles. 

What determines baldness is repeatedly pulling hairs out of the root a condition called traction alopecia. Unless your baseball cap is so tight you are ripping hair away in chunks every time you take it off; you can relax and wear your caps without fear. 

There is No Shame in Talking About Hair Loss

For many years there has been a stigma about hair loss, and while the above myths have been busted, it remains a sensitive issue for many people the world over. 

Luckily, hair loss is not untreatable, and for those that are ready to take action and fight back against baldness, we are here to help. 

Scalp micropigmentation could be exactly what you need. From covering up male patterns baldness, adding extra density to your hairline or even covering up scars from accidents or surgeries, our team can help. 

Get in touch with us today to organize a consultation and find out exactly how we can help you deal with hair loss.