Four Widely Believed Hair Regrowth Scams Uncovered

Four Widely Believed Hair Regrowth Scams Uncovered


People are constantly hawking different natural hair regrowth products, but do any of them actually work? Here are 4 treatments that are definitely scams.

For as long as there have been problems, there have been unscrupulous people willing to sell ‘cures’ to those problems.

The term ‘snake oil’ traces back to the 1860’s. It once actually contained snakes (or some components thereof). The modern equivalent often falls under the terms ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’.

Natural hair regrowth products, sadly, are not a dime a dozen but many dozens of dimes for very little. Despite repeated warnings from consumer protection groups, these products continue to proliferate.

Let’s look at a few of the more egregious offenders in the world of hair growth scams.

Natural Hair Growth Scams

The biggest issues with hair growth products are vectors. Many people ask, “Is it possible to regrow hair?” The answer needs to be related to the cause, not just an overblown promise.

The American Hair Loss Association warns consumers to seek out medical opinions before pursuing hair treatments. That is because most treatments over promise and under deliver.

Unlike regrowth treatments, we do what we promise. The solution isn’t always more hair, just the ability to shape and present what you already exists.

Here are several products that fail on every level.

1. Natrol Biotin 10,000 mcg Fast Dissolve

This is a product that starts with a sliver of truth and then jumps the shark trying to deliver results. Biotin is a B complex vitamin which, among other things, promotes the oil that protects your skin, nails, and hair.

The plural of protection is not regrowth. No matter how much biotin is in your system, you won’t regrow any hair. While low levels of biotin can cause brittle nails and hair loss and should be regulated, adding more to your diet won’t change anything.

2. Hairfnity Healthy Hair Vitamins Supplements

A mixture of vitamins, mostly biotin and A, C, and D with a bit of silica. Much like the above, biotin doesn’t help regrowth. Silica has problems even in its usual claim of boosting collagen but collagen doesn’t affect follicles or regrowth. It will keep your hair from becoming brittle.

Probably the worst part of this product is its celebrity endorsement by Kardashian sisters. People whom clearly have no hair loss or regrowth to lend credibility to anything.

3. HairAnew

Another biotin heavy product which boasts a formula of ’11 active ingredients’. That said, it goes on and on about the one ingredient that doesn’t work in the fashion they want.

It also claims at extracts of kelp and bamboo, plant mixtures which have no effect on follicle growth. They won’t even help in preventing or reversing scalp scaring. At best the folic acid in kelp (if eaten steamed) will help clear up skin irritation and lessen dandruff.

4. Hum Hair Sweet Hair

Speaking of folic acid and biotin here comes another miracle formula which has no active vector for hair growth. The zinc and folic acid will help clear up skin, reduce dandruff, and help skin retain some bounce.

Unless you have plummeting levels of any of those, this won’t do much.

If you are low on zinc, that will lead to hair loss related to stress and cell death. Restoring that balance will shore up the loss, but won’t regrow beyond the point where levels fell.

Know More About Natural Hair Regrowth

Don’t fret too much. While the world may not always be a place where you can find a quick and simple answer, you can still find information. When it comes to natural hair regrowth the best way to proceed is with correct information and baited expectations.