Understanding the Fear of Balding: Scientific Perspectives

Understanding the Fear of Balding: Scientific Perspectives

Did you know that by age 50, around 85 % of American men suffer from hair loss? Are you afraid of going bald? Here are three scientific reasons why people take hair loss so personally.

There are psychological effects from going bald. Want to learn more about this? We’re going to cover some scientific findings on why people struggle with hair loss.

Psychological Effects of Going Bald

Having a fear of hair loss can increase stress levels. Most men lose confidence when they realize they’re balding.

Emotional distress occurs when someone’s losing their hair. This is a legitimate reaction. Don’t ignore this feeling.

Losing confidence is a common effect of hair loss. People feel that they’re ridiculed for their baldness. Whether it’s from co-workers or a family member, they worry what they think.

People may think they’re joking around, but it hurts the person on the receiving end.

Let’s look at some specific issues that crop up.

Self-Esteem Disappears at Work and Home

You may feel distressed because of the significant change to your physical appearance. With hair loss, there are massive effects on how you perceive yourself. It also affects how you believe others see you.

For young people in their twenties, this is super difficult. They may feel like their desirability, and youth is going down the drain. Others might feel less attractive to their partner.

Hair is a prominent feature. If you work in front of a camera, this can be quite stressful. You may become hyper-aware of your thinning hair. Also, for someone who’s in public all the time, this can become troubling.

Depression Sets In

Some people cope with their hair loss quite well. Others may encounter more difficulties. Men can become depressed due to the chronic stress of losing hair.

People tend to despair over hair loss because they feel like they’re losing control over their lives. The belief that hair loss is irreversible causes high levels of anxiety.

Feelings of Humiliation

A lot of men complain that their hair loss becomes a joke among their friends. Some men find out first that they’re balding after a best friend announces it in a loud voice.

This is humiliating and causes the balding man to panic. If he gets angry over the teasing, everyone will see how upset it makes him.

This puts pressure on the person struggling with hair loss. They don’t want to appear less of a man and reveal how much it bothers them. It’s important not to bottle up those feelings but instead talk to an expert.

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It’s normal to have feelings of distress or suffer from depression if you’re going bald. This isn’t a comfortable condition to have, especially if your self confidence was already low. Hair is a focal point on people, and for those losing it, it can be devastating.

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